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Testing of nasal delivery devices Optimal testing of nasal delivery devices requires equipment that allows full control over parameters and provides traceable data at each step. Astech has established inhaler testing solutions and continues to advance automation technology for device testing. Each element of our inhaled testing equipment comes with Relovex ® , our intuitive 21 CFR Part 11 compli- ant software, allowing ease of use and fully traceable results throughout for data integrity requirements. Astech o ers exible systems to automate your nasal drug delivery testing process from start to nish. Astech Projects UK: +44 1928 571797 Breath-actuated nebulizers Vectura's state-of-the-art breath-actuated nebuliz- ers, with guided inhalation, have been developed to improve lung delivery for inhaled drugs, with the aim of achieving better clinical outcomes and/or shortened treatment times. e basis of the smart nebulization technology is to tailor the e cient delivery of the aero- sol within the lungs, in terms of ow rate, volume and timing during inhalation, to the individual patient's breathing capacity and pattern. Vectura UK: +44 1249 667700 Glass expansion chambers Quantif y the amount of drug in small particles/ droplets of nasal sprays and the particle/droplet size distribution of nasal aerosols with Copley's range of glass expansion chambers. Designed to meet FDA draft guidance, chambers are available for both nasal sprays (2 liters) and nasal aerosols (5 liters). Specialized adapters and clamps are also available to interface the glass expansion chambers with your cascade impactor. Copley Scienti c UK: +44 1159 616229 www.copleyscienti Soft mist inhaler e Merxin MR X004 is a soft mist inhaler device, developed as an interchangeable device opportunity for tiotropium/olodaterol, as formulated with the Respimat ® inhaler. e MRX004 can be ideal for life cycle management and new molecules, particularly for those products that could bene t from a reduced dose and deep lung penetration. It does not require a propellant or electric power. e MR X004 is also environmentally friendly and can provide high IP protection. It is being evaluated with new molecules including potential COVID-19 treatments, and can be used to repurpose existing molecules, for life cycle management, and to reformulate molecules from neb- ulizers, pMDIs or DPIs. Merxin UK: +44 1553 403070 20 JUNE 2020 Inhalation

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