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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 17 Freund-Vector Corporation 675 44th Street Marion, Iowa 52302 Process Solutions Made Simple The USA laboratory in Marion, Iowa, as well as in Villasanta, Italy, fea- ture state-of-the-art processing equipment ranging from laboratory size to pilot scale with automated controls plus auxiliary equipment to per- form feasibility studies and product development. Coating Made Simple Freund-Vector offers a comprehensive line of tablet coating and fluid bed particle coating systems. Both coating lines are designed for max- imum processing flexibility with precision coating capabilities and interchangeable processing drums/inserts. Freund-Vector was the first to manufacture laboratory and pilot tablet coating systems with multiple interchangeable drums and now include production systems to provide maximum processing flexibility and efficiency within a single system. Spray Drying Made Simple Freund-Vector also offers innovative technology in spray drying. With Feasibility, Scalability and Flexibility in mind, our VSD Spray Dryer is enabling technology to create amorphous solid dispersions for the improvement of drug solubility and for production of API and excipients, con- trolled release drugs, formulations for taste masking and gastric protection, and for making powders for inhalation. TFC-220 Roll Compaction VSD-200 Spray Dryer LDCS PRO Tablet Coater

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