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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 19 GELITA 2445 Port Neal Industrial Rd. Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054 712 943 5516 800 223 9244 Corporate Description/ Market Leadership GELITA ® Gelatine is the foundation of the world's leading gelatine hard- and soft-capsules – the most popular dosage forms for prescription and over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals. GELITA is the global market leader in gelatine with global production and technical expertise since 1875. New Product Features Enteric Properties GELITA recently launched GELITA ® EC – a gelatine product for enteric soft-capsules. Consumers have been ingesting nutrients in soft capsules for decades due to their easy of swallowing and convenience. How- ever, one nagging issue has been plaguing consumers for as long as they've been ingesting fish oil and other omega-3 fatty acids: fishy burps and aftertastes. This undesir- able effect has even demotivated the otherwise health conscious consumers to avoid taking fish oil supplements altogether. Most enteric delivery systems are produced by applying an acid-insol- uble coating to fresh soft capsules. This intensive two-step process adds time and money to the cost of each enteric capsule. Additionally, this coating produces an opaque shell – which is less desired by consum- ers. With GELITA ® EC, capsules producers now have the ability to create enteric capsules using existing equipment in a one-step process – avoiding additional time and costs – while creating brilliantly clear cap- sules. GELITA ® EC - U.S. Patent No. 10,238,603 B2 - allows manufactur- ers to produce enteric capsules that adhere to USP (United States Phar- macopeia) dissolution parameters. Diverse Portfolio Aside from enteric release, GELITA's portfolio features gelatines that are ideal for a wide ranging of release profiles. The patented GELITA ® RXL reduced crosslinking gelatine and technological know-how offer improved capsule stability and shelf-life. GELITA recently unveiled a line extension to the GELITA ® RXL capsule gelatine portfolio to include gelatine with specifically controlled and fast releasing properties. GELITA ® RXL R2 (R squared) Gela- tine has been proven to release fills significantly faster than standard gelatine capsules. Consumers may now benefit from the more imme- diate release of medications, such as sleep aids, allergy treatments and pain relievers. Useful in all gelatine capsule formats, the GELITA ® RXL portfolio is par- ticularly useful in soft capsule (soft gel) formats and even accommodate higher pH capsule formulations. Removal of the cross-linking con- straint combined with rapid releasing properties has opened a new field of capsule composition possibilities and formulators are pushing to take advantage of this new field – espe- cially as the use of both GELITA ® RXL and RXL R2 requires no pro- cessing or equipment investments. Novel Delivery Aside from expertise in gelatine for capsules, GELITA also offers unique, customized gelatines for gummy delivery systems - whether for vitamin, mineral or dietary sup- plement formulations. Global Scope As a global supplier, GELITA offers gelatine for standard hard- and soft capsules from numerous global manufacturing sites and from mul- tiple raw material types. GELITA, in collaboration with Geliko LLC, offers the first commercially avail- able kosher gelatine. Geliko ® Kosher Gelatine (certified by the Orthodox Union) features the same versatility and functionality as its nonkosher counterparts; but adds value with the OU kosher certification. Gelita

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