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20 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH Division HERMES PHARMA Georg-Kalb-Str. 5-8 82049 Pullach, Germany Tel: +49 89 79102 261 HERMES PHARMA is the leading expert for effervescent and chew- able tablets, lozenges, instant drinks, orally disintegrating granules and HERMES NutriCaps. These user- friendly dosage forms • Are convenient to use and to take. • Are easy to swallow – even for people with dysphagia. • Integrate easily into the busy lives of modern patients. • Can be taken with or without liq- uids to suit the individual. • Taste great and offer a variety of choices in terms of flavor.Allow greater amounts and different combinations of API to be deliv- ered in a single dose, simplifying treatment regimens. User-friendly dosage forms help to increase compliance and improve treatment success. Whilst creat- ing a convenient and enjoyable experience for the patient, they About Us HERMES PHARMA has been work- ing with healthcare companies around the globe for over 40 years to expand their product lines and grow their brands. From new product design and formulation development to manufacturing and regulatory support, HERMES PHARMA offers expert advice and customized solutions at every point along the pharmaceutical value chain. HERMES PHARMA is a division of Hermes Arzneimittel, a leading Ger- man pharmaceutical company that manages a rich portfolio of over-the- counter (OTC) brands. Products and Services The oral route is generally consid- ered a simple and cost-efficient way of drug delivery, primarily using tablets or capsules. However, recent data suggest that difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules are widespread, occurring across all age groups and potentially impacting treatment success. These findings indicate that conventional solid dosage forms may not be the best option for all individuals, and often fail to keep pace with the evolving needs of modern patients. also support healthcare companies to revitalize ageing products and boost brand loyalty. Hermes Pharma

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