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24 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 Kramer US LLC PO Box 577 240 West Crescent Avenue Allendale, New Jersey 07401 201-962-8200 201-962-8197 Kramer US LLC New Developments: Kramer offers a wide range of machines to serve every part of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablet and capsule market from the slowest single sided machines to the fastest double sided machines. Kramer has developed vast expe- rience in dedusting, polishing and conveying, and our engineers are constantly pushing the enve- lope to find solutions to the most difficult projects. All equipment is made to the latest cGMP standards with product contact materials of 316L stainless steel. All Kramer dedusters and capsule polishers have always been easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning without tools. The latest innovations can be found in our KCP series of capsule polish- ers which feature highly efficient capsule polishing with conveying heights of 800mm to 2000mm in a very small footprint. Built to cGMP standards they are fully disassembled without tools. KCP series capsule polishers can be integrated with metal detectors just like our tablet dedusters, as well as empty capsule eliminators, and diverters. Products • Tablet dedusters • Tablet dedusters combined with- metal detectors • Tablet conveyors • Capsule polishers The first vertical tablet deduster was invented by Kramer AG in 1975. Who we are: Kramer invented vertical tablet dedusters in 1975, and has become a world-wide leader in tablet dedust- ing, capsule polishing, and conveying technology with over 6,000machines in production worldwide. Since 1975, our focus has remained solely focused on what we know best: tablet dedusters, capsule polishers, and conveyors. We have never strayed far from our roots, making it our mission to develop and improve our tablet dedusters, capsule polishers, and conveyors to ensure our product portfolio consists of products that are modern, eco- nomical, and easy-to-use. Markets served: Kramer has specialized in tablet dedusters, capsule polishers and conveyors for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries serving the worldwide market through our network of manufacturer's agents and distributors.

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