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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 29 Lodige Process Technology, Inc. Jeff Raabe 7451 Empire Drive Suite A Florence, KY 41042 859-594-3640 Coating in a Lödige Coater LC Coater type LC developed by Lödige can be used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules and pel- lets and is suitable for film and sugar coating without extensive conversion work. The coater operates on the co-current, under-pressure principle. 25 – 100 % of the working capacity of the Coater can be used without modification of the system. As well as the Coater itself, the LC Coating System includes the inlet air treat- ment, the exhaust air system, the controls, liquid dosing, feeding and discharging and the WIP system. Optimal process control, fast coat- ing speed, easy handling and easy cleaning were the top-priority for development of the Coater. The coating process can be divided into the following three sub-processes: spraying of lacquer, drying of the tablets and mixing of the tablets. The LC coater series optimizes all three sub-processes. The totally perforated drum with a free surface of more than 40 % enables a maximum air flow. The mixing elements ensure the uniform and gentle mixing, even with variable filling degrees. These are the most important conditions for best uniformity of coating. The optimized nozzle arm permits easy adjustment of the nozzle position to the tablet bed – making it possible to set the optimum spraying distance and angle at all times. The heated inlet air is guided into the Coater housing via a special distribution sys- tem and led through the perforation into the coating drum, thereby ensur- ing quick drying of the moist tablet surfaces. The air is then extracted through the tablet bed. Lödige offers complete customiza- tion with a wide variety of options to adapt the coaters to the customer's specific requirements: • Customized design of supply and exhaust air systems • Intuitive state-of-the-art control system, compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 • WIP systems with various options for fully automatic cleaning • Nozzle arm with fully automatic measurement and control of the nozzle spacing and spray angle • Product temperature measurement • Design of the coater and periph- erals for use of solvent • Systems for automatic coater feed- ing and discharge • Containment options Lödige Coater type LC 90 coater drum Lödige Coater type LC 150 nozzle arm Lödige Coater type LC 70 Lödige Coater type LC 150 during emptying

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