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38 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 Natoli Engineering Company Description Natoli Engineering Company, Inc is the undisputed global leader in the manufacturing of tablet compres- sion tooling and offers products and services to support solid oral dosage manufacturers around the world. Building upon almost a half century of experience in the industry, Natoli remains true to the founding, uncom- promising principle of providing the Tablet Presses: Natoli offers a diverse line of tablet presses, from single-sta- tion R&D laboratory models to heavy-duty production rotary presses. Natoli presses are made in the U.S.A and feature the Natoli AIM ™ data acquisition and control systems. Natoli AIM ™ : This powerful, indus- try-leading data acquisition and analysis software and control system platform simplifies tablet R&D and production. The flexible Natoli Aim ™ platform is featured on all Natoli R&D and production tablet presses and can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses for advanced features. Tablet Press Replacement Parts: Natoli maintains an extensive inven- tory of over 250,000 premium tablet press replacement parts and turrets suitable for use with virtually all press types, with most available for same-day shipping. Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog: Natoli offers the most com- prehensive accessories catalog in the industry, featuring hundreds of items to help care for, analyze, and prolong the life of tooling and equipment. highest quality products at a fair price with exceptional customer ser- vice and unbeatable delivery times. Natoli's team of expert engineers, skilled machinists, and knowledge- able customer service representatives are committed to each customer's precise requests and to ensuring every Natoli product performs to the highest standards. Markets Served Natoli serves the pharmaceutical, veterinary, nutraceutical, confec- tionery, and industrial tableting and encapsulation industries in major markets around the world, including North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Major Products/Services Tablet Compression Tooling: Natoli manufactures carbide-tip, multi-tip, single-tip, 3D exotic-shape, rotat- ing heads/tips, Quick-Release ™ , and extended head flat punches, plus IMA Comprima tooling, lined dies, tool coatings, and more.

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