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42 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 More Than Just a Capsule Supplier, Qualicaps® is a Commited Partner to Our Stakeholders Qualicaps ® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemi- cal Holdings Corporation (MCHC) through its Life Sciences Institute (LSII), which unites the Group's healthcare business. MCHC is a Japanese chemical, industrial and healthcare company that aims to achieve a KAITEKI society, based on the philosophy "Good Chemistry for Tomorrow". Our century-long heritage within the pharmaceutical industry dictates a profound understanding of the needs of our customers, for whom we have focused on delivering at high-quality standards since the very beginning. Our vision is to become the #1 capsule partner to the pharma- ceutical industry through high standards of quality, functionality and performance. We strive to promote: • Product quality and innovation • Superior customer service and global account management • Scientific leadership • A KAITEKI value management system and corporate culture: Enduring, lasting value creation; contributing to the betterment of individuals, society and the Earth. Major market served Qualicaps ® has a presence in all major pharmaceutical markets, with production facilities and account teams located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe (Spain and Romania) and Brazil. Major Products Empty hard capsules: • Quali-G (100% bovine gelatin capsules) • Quali-V (HMPC capsules) • Quali-V-I (HMPC capsules for dry powder inhalation) • Quali-V Extra Dry (HMPC cap- sules with an extremely low mois- ture content) • Prism-G (gelatin capsule designed specifically for use in drug discov- ery and development) Equipment: • Capsule filling machines • Capsule sealing machines • Capsule weight inspection machines • Capsule visual inspection machines • Soft capsule machines • Softgel turn key solutions • Tablet weight inspection machines • Tablet visual inspection machines • Tablet and capsule imprinting machines Why Qualicaps capsules? Qualicaps ® manufactures capsules for a wide range of formulation types ranging from dry powders and pellets to pastes and liquids. We produce high-quality pharmaceuti- cal-grade capsules, and offer them in a wide range of sizes, colors and printing options for your product to stand out in the market. Qualicaps

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