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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 43 Qualicaps 6505 Franz Warner Parkway Whitsett, NC 27377 Tel: 336 449 3900 800 CAPSULE Fax: 336 449 3333 Quali-G™ The rst preservative-free gelatin capsule, Quali-G ™ is the market standard solid dosage form designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Quali-G ™ capsules are: • 100% bovine bone • Available in a wide range of sizes (4 up to 00) • Customizable in both color and imprint • The perfect capsule for liquid lls when band-sealed with Qua- li-Seal Kits • Locked with a unique POSILOK design An inhalation-grade option is also available in our Quali-G ™ formula, with improved microbial and weight speci cations: • Outstanding quality • Favorable powder release from capsule shell • Improved microbiological purity, particularly relevant as the drug material is delivered directly into the lungs • Tighter weight speci cations can be provided Quali-V® The rst plant-based capsuledevel- oped for the pharmaceutical industry asan alternative to gelatin capsules, Quali-V ® capsules feature an equiv- alent dissolution pro le to gelatin capsules which make them better suited for hygroscopic products and formulations that may react chemi- cally with gelatin. Quali-V ® capsules are: • 100% plant-based and preservative-free • Available in a wide range of sizes (4 up to 00) • Customizable in both color and imprint • The perfect choice for rapid dissolving drugs due to a faster release pro le • Manufactured by the cold gelling method Quali-V®-I The rst plant-based capsule to be developed that responds to the particular functional properties required for use in dry powder inhaler (DPI) devices, Quali-V ® -I capsules are specially formulated to achieve exceptional puncturing per- formance, unrivalled aerosolization properties, reduced static charge and powder adhesion for uniform dosing, and minimal microbial levels. Quali-V ® -I capsules are: • 100% plant-based and preservative-free • Available in a range of sizes (3, 2, and 0) • Customizable in both color and imprint • Manufactured with a hypromel- lose grade optimized for punctur- ing cleaner holes • Capable of being dried up to 1.0% RH without losing physical properties Prism-G™ A patented capsule application meant to help improve the ef - ciency and ef cacy of product development activities, Prism-G ™ capsules include many different colorants in the capsule, allowing initial stability studies to begin with- out waiting on the determination of nal product branding. The capsules are also imprinted using the most prevalent pharmaceutical capsule ink formulations. Prism-G ™ capsules: • Are 100% bovine bone • Are available in a wide range of sizes (4 up to 00) • Provide the ability to use a uni- versal capsule for product com- patibility trials and development studies • Permit product interaction and performance examination in cap- sules to start as soon as other product ingredients are available • Eliminates the initial time needed for selection of colors, approval, ordering, delivery, incoming spec- i cation set up, and incoming testing of capsules for compatibil- ity trials Quali-V-I Quali-V Quali-G Prism-G

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