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44 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 Rousselot B.V Kanaaldijk Noord 20, 5691 NM Son, NL WE SUPPORT YOUR PHARMA- & NUTRACEUTICAL CHALLENGES. With us, "The difference is clear!" As a manufacturer serving today's pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical markets, you face some tough challenges, such as aging populations, a huge increase in health awareness, and rising demand for clear labelling. The good news? Rous- selot gelatin is the perfect ingredient for helping you to keep in step with your market. Here are some key challenges you can confidently handle with gelatin. Demand for naturally sourced products Rousselot Gelatins are designed by nature and refined by our special- ists to guarantee consistent quality. Extracted from collagen, a natural animal protein, gelatin has a dry matter protein content of 99% and contains 18 amino acids. Demand for clear labelling A food ingredient free of e-numbers, gelatin fits perfectly into the clear label trend, enabling you to satisfy your customers with honest, simple and precise labelling information. Optimal delivery performance A gelatin-made shell offers your APIs perfect protection from the damag- ing effects of oxygen and light, while gelatin capsules are fully compatible with human tissue and fully metab- olized. Rousselot's Pharma Gelatins are non-allergic and ensure a per- fectly controlled API release. On top of this, gelatin capsules have a perfect dissolution. A need to offer customers trust Capsules have become the pre- ferred pharma- and nutraceutical dosage form among consumers. Worldwide, 600 billion capsules are produced every year and 25% are sourced from Rousselot Func- tional Ingredients. With our experience, reliability and trusted delivery system, we can provide you with the best possible support in gaining and keeping your customers' trust. Rousselot Safety The raw materials we use for our gelatins are exclusively sourced from healthy animals intended for human consumption. We adhere to strict processes with more than 100 analysis throughout our entire manufacturing process. Our gelatins are fully compliant with interna- tional standards. New: ROUSSELOT STABICAPS, The proven solution for more stable soft gels Rousselot StabiCaps enables the production of soft gels with reduced cross-linking, offering superior shell stability and API release compared to stan- dard gelatins. With StabiCaps™, you can overcome stability issues. A clean label ingredient with a long tradition, gelatin is Rousselot primary busi- ness and our world-class gelatins are leading the market. Designed by nature, Rousselot standard and specialty gelatins provide unmatched functional advan- tages, resulting in superior end-products for the consumers. Rousselot's gelatins are safe, come from sustainable sourcing, and answer consumers' concern for a preserved world. Rousselot Functional Ingredients works in partnership with the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries and helps them achieve their formulation and business goals. With us, "The difference is clear!"

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