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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 53 Techceuticals Capabilities Risk and Gap Assessment: Quickly and effectively assess the condition of your equipment and the caliber of your team to determine how to improve quality and productivity. We often assist with continuous improvement programs to deter- mine current limitations and how to reduce the learning curve with minimal effort. Procedure, product, people and performance are key metrics to greater capabilities. Visual Work Instruction: SOP's and Batch records are developed to guide teams to better performance by providing training and monitoring of common practices and effectiveness. Our program is a custom system that is easy to change through a flexible and expandable system that offers a methodology and training mentality for continuous improvement. Team Training: Our most popu- lar programs are "Tablet Pro" and "The Manufacturing Process". These are key programs that we provide monthly at our pilot facility in Cleve- land or we bring the program to our customer's facilities anywhere the world. These programs are excellent team building events. The can be customized to handling large teams and multiple shifts. They are the best possible method for getting the entire team on the same page, and are typically attended by; Opera- tors, Supervisors, Managers, Quality, R&D, Technical Services, Engineer- ing, Maintenance, and Executives. Our website features a comprehen- sive details on each program that can be customized for any team size from just a few in one department to the entire manufacturing com- pany. "Tablet Pro" focus on tablet press and tooling set-up, operation, cleaning, care, preventative mainte- nance and making powders perform. "The Manufacturing Process" walks thru each unit operation: weigh- ing, granulating, milling, blending, compression, tooling, coating, and encapsulation. Put your entire team on the same page. Troubleshooting: The Techceuticals Technical Team are experts with real experience. Our reputation is to fix the problem quickly. We resolve issues on a daily basis through phone consultation and onsite at customer's facilities. Our Tech Team goes to work with an objective to resolve manufacturing issues and to enhance and optimize performance of new and existing products. Our approach is simple and transparent. Formulation: We often help eval- uate formulation performance to improve dose, compression, and ejection forces to eliminate defects and improve disintegration and dissolution. We have helped many companies both pharma and non- pharma including chemical and other related fields with formula- tion development. Customize Programs: The Techceu- ticals Tech Team can build programs specific to the customers' require- ments. We build comprehensive programs specific to an application and commonly partner with the manufacturer to provide an ongoing training mentality within the culture. We help team break away from "we always do it that way" to change the culture and effectively remove the tribal knowledge syndrome. Hot Line: Dial the Techceuticals 1-800-272-8191 telephone hot line is there to help the entire solid dose team get answers quickly. Or just send an email requesting immediate hot line help. Product/Services Training • Training at Techceuticals Lab • Onsite private, and public sessions • Custom Programs • Solid Dose Operations e-training • Visual Work Instructions • Webinars • Articles • Tech Tips • Blogs Consulting • Troubleshooting • cGMP & Regulatory • Tablet & Capsule Making Optimization • Process Optimization • Defect Resolution Equipment • Appraisals • Operator training • Packaging, Manufacturing, Pro- cess evaluations Techceuticals 2917 E 79th Street Cleveland, OH 44104 216-658-8038

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