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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 55 Tower Laboratories Ltd. 8 Industrial Park Road Centerbrook, CT 06409 860-767-2127 Corporate Description Tower Laboratories, Ltd. is a pri- vately held company founded in 1979 and specializes in the development and manufacture of effervescent products. Headquar- tered in Centerbrook, CT, we also have manufacturing facilities in Clin- ton, CT and Montague, MI. Tower Laboratories specializes in effervescent technology, manufac- turing billions of tablets annually. Applying effervescence to your product, whether it is in tablet, pow- der or granulation form, offers many benefits for you and your consumer. Tower Laboratories Ltd. Facilities FDA Registered & cGMP Compliant Manufacturing Facilities All of Tower Laboratories' facilities are registered with the FDA and are cGMP compliant. Tower Laboratories has a robust quality system that consistently meets the audit requirements of customers and applicable agencies. Tower Laboratories regularly conducts employee training. Good documentation prac- tices, product validations, and procedures for corrective & preventive action are examples of quality system components that are in place and embraced. Humidity Controlled Environment A low humidity environment is critical for the production of stable efferves- cent products. As a result of our 35+ years' experience, Tower Laboratories has developed proprietary knowledge pertaining to the environments and processes that are critical to our business. This expertise differentiates us sig- nificantly from our competition and makes us the 'go to' source for companies who are looking for a best-in-class partner to develop and produce their effer- vescent products. Product Developments Tower Laboratories has expertise in the development of all types of effervescent products from concept through com- mercialization. Our certifications, product development, packaging design and manufacturing capabilities qualify us as an excellent partner to work with. Customers are often invited to work side-by-side with our Product Development Sci- entists in order to fine-tune product parameters such as flavor, fragrance, dissolution characteristics, etc. in order to meet specifications and product objectives. In-House Testing Tower Laboratories has extensive testing capabilities. All materials are tested and approved in our Quality Control laboratories prior to use, and finished products are tested to confirm they meet specifications prior to release. Our laboratories also support our Product Development Scientists as pertains to all analytical testing including formal and accelerated stability testing. Lab equipment and capabilities include HPLC, AA, IR, UV/Vis spectroscopy, and standard wet and dry analytical instrumentation.

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