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Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 | 59 U.S. Pharmacopeia 12601 Twinbrook Parkway Rockville, MD 20852-1790 301-816-8273 ingredient-verification-program How does USP provide verification? USP works with manufacturers who voluntarily participate in the USP Ingredient Verification Program. We verify active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and dietary ingredients through a comprehensive, continuous quality testing and evaluation process. Our staff scientists: • Perform thorough audits of manufacturing facilities, practices, records, and quality control measures to determine whether the manufacturer follows good manufacturing practices. • Test ingredient samples in USP laboratories and other qualified laboratories. • Allow use of the USP Verified Mark only on ingredients that meet all of USP's stringent criteria. • Conduct testing on ingredients carrying the USP Verified Mark, sampled from the marketplace, to determine whether they continue to meet USP's standards. USP awards the USP Verified Mark only after the facility audits, product documentation reviews, and product testing have been completed and the manufacturer has corrected all findings. Afterward, USP conducts testing on USP Ver- ified ingredients randomly sampled from the marketplace to ensure they continue to meet USP's strict standards for verification.

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