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6 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2020 BIOGRUND US, Inc. 229 Enterprise Court Shelbyville, KY 40065 502-901-2980 Corporate Description BIOGRUND is a specialist for the homogeneous mixing of excipi- ents and carriers. The tailor-made and ready-to-use special powder mixtures for film coatings, sug- ar-coatings, colorings and tableting enable optimum results in a short time. BIOGRUND goes beyond the range of ingredients by delivering technical support for development and production of tablets & cap- sules. Easy, fast and reliable. Markets Served With locations in Germany, Swit- zerland, America and Russia, we support the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industry in the development, formulation and pro- duction of solid oral dosage forms. Areas of Excellence Customized film coating systems for fast, enteric and sustained release. Furthermore, premixed tableting excipients like binders, lubricants, retard release compositions and pigment blends deliver new possi- bilities to improve your production processes. BIOGRUND offers mar- ket-driven solutions that are tailored to changing requirements and chal- lenges (e.g. Clean label / replace of undesired excipients). Major Products & Services AquaPolish® - Film Coating Innovative ready-to-use film coat- ings that are tailor-made formulated for your needs (colored/functional). We always keep an eye on current industry issues and trends (such as regulatory changes, use of pigments, natural ingredients, certifications, clean label). CompactCel®- Tableting This product family improves the production process in direct com- pression. Free flowing binders, sustained release formulations, lubri- cants and fully formulated tableting/ encapsulation premixes. For filling and closing of hard gelatin capsules excellent lubricants are available to achieve a smooth filling process. Most of them are also available as organic certified formulations. IsuPolish® - Sugar-Coating Innovative sugar-coating systems (formulated with sugar substitutes). TopMill® - Coloring Deagglomerated and homogeneous coloring agents, pigment mixtures or liquid dispersions that always pro- vide reproducible results. Formulation - Service As a solution provider, we support you both in replacing undesired excipients and with technical ser- vice, troubleshooting and scale-up. Color matching and customizing the formulation to your specific tablet core. BIOGRUND only uses raw materials of highest and consistent quality to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user's country for pharmaceutical products and nutritional or dietary supplements. Biogrund US, Inc.

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