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In 1959, Turner's grandparents and father constructed a one room tongue and groove log cabin. "ey brought materials in by boat and eventually by road. We used to have a slide going down on rails to bring materials up," says Vicki. Her husband Jim adds, "It was parts of an old mining cart: a trolley system with a winch to bring stuff up from the lake." Over the years, expansions were made. But all was lost when a fire destroyed the cabin. Today, Vicki and Jim Turner, along with Vicki's younger brother and sister, have created a new multi-generational home honoring their family's past while preparing for the future. To achieve this, the family worked with Helena's Golden Eagle Construction. e Turners aribute Golden Eagle's reputation for finishing on schedule and on budget as a main reason for procuring them for this project. "We had very clear expectations, and we were quite sure they could live up to those expectations. ey are diligent about delivering," says Jim Turner. Kurt Olsen, Golden Eagle's Vice-President of Residential Services, aributes their project management soware, Buildertrend, with aiding in general communication, timelines, progress, and work orders. "It works well for us," he says, "especially with our out-of-state clients, like Vicki's siblings. ey get to see the progress and the schedule. ey get notified when they'll need to have materials picked out and even our subcontractors can see if we're on schedule." e plans for the new house called for two main modifications from the original log cabin: enlarge it and situate the front for optimal lakefront views. e log cabin had 30-foot square footprint. "e new house is 40 feet deep and 60 feet long. e initial concept was 30 by 70. An extra ten feet doesn't sound like much," says Jim, "but it was brutal...basically solid rock. We started digging the foundation work, and we realized why Tony (Vicki's grandpa) had placed the cabin as he did. It was the only place he could fit it!" SiG MT 27 The open tread stairs were purposefully positioned to be both visually appealing and to give all who enter an opportunity to take in the lake view before descending to the main living area. Custom stainless steel railings were welded on location by Jason Warren of Boulder Valley Iron Works. Buildertrend software enabled out-of- town family the opportunity to visualize and see the benefit of adding a balcony to an upper suite.

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