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Holly Matkin has spent most of her life on her family's fourth-generation cattle and elk ranch, where she also works as a freelance writer for various local and national publications. S MT Smith Creek's Hidden Oasis You can't access the most striking portion of the falls without geing your feet wet, but why would you want to? Venture out into the creek, and discover what the trail's shield of trees has been hiding. As you turn downstream, the unassuming sparkling waters give way to majestic, tumbling tiered falls and deep emerald pools, capped off by the cascading waterfall that greeted you on the way in. Trickles of water from an unseen spring seep down the moss-speckled rock face that cradles the blue-green pool below. e pristine tranquility of the scene seems almost tropical, if not for the frigid waters. Take an icy plunge into the largest of the pools, or ease yourself into the invigorating, churning froth of the smaller, tub-like rock basins. Follow up your shockingly refreshing dip by basking in the solace of the sun- warmed rock slabs at the water's edge, as you take in the peaceful roar of the cascade below. Aer all, this is the moment you've been waiting for. SiG MT 69 The tranquility of the Smith Creek falls is second to none.

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