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SiG MT 89 S MT Dawn Milligan has been with Best Friends Animal Hospital for over 13 years. Dawn is a Veterinary Technician with over 30 years experience. She has been the Practice Manager for the last 8 years. Dawn's passion is advocating for all animals. Your veterinarian will need blood work to check blood glucose levels and to help determine if the liver has been affected, cloing issues, and/ or if electrolyte imbalances are present. Signs of liver damage can take longer to show up (typically 8-12 hours) and surprisingly not all dogs who experience hepatic necrosis will have had hypoglycemia first. If your pet has low glucose levels, treatment will include intravenous dextrose (sugar supplementation to correct hypoglycemia) and IV fluids. Supportive care and medications to help control vomiting along with supplements to help support liver function will also be included in their treatment. Blood sugar, electrolytes, and liver enzymes must be monitored closely. If your dog can regain the ability to regulate their blood sugar levels by themselves, once they are weaned off dextrose, they should be able to go home. As our use of xylitol in foods and consumer products becomes more common, xylitol poisoning in dogs will likely increase. While most cases of xylitol toxicity in dogs are accidental, some are caused from dogs being given something containing xylitol. Most xylitol-containing products are not clearly labeled as having the natural sugar alternative. It is important to always read the ingredient list before giving it to your dog. When in doubt, if you think your dog ate something containing xylitol, contact your veterinarian right away. Bring the package or label of the item with you for quicker identification of the amount of xylitol ingested. Remember, with any pet poisoning, the sooner you recognize the problem and seek veterinary aention, the less expensive and less dangerous it is to your pet! Concerned about the stock market? For 130 years, Stifel has served as a trusted financial advisor to individuals, just like you. Our knowledge and service has helped clients navigate all market cycles, even the difficult ones. Instead of timing the market, we help investors follow a solid plan. Stifel, a full-service wealth management and investment banking firm, has the professional expertise and resources to assist you in developing a financial strategy that addresses the challenges of today's market and your long-term goals. Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE | (406) 761-3500 | (800) 333-6017 300 Park Drive South, Suite 101 | Great Falls, Montana 59405 406.761.4434 Join Today! Great Falls Flourish and Thrive! Great Falls Flourish and Thrive! A unified, collective group of businesses that share a common vision to see... 100 1st Avenue North Great Falls, Montana 59401

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