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2020 July/Aug How We Grow

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HOW WE GROW JULY/AUG 2020 | ISSUE 10 Lapsley Leaves Impact on Industry for Generations to Come When Karen Lapsley, Ph.D., arrived at the Almond Board of California in 1999, there were two published research papers on the benefits of including almonds in your diet. Today, there are 185. Page 11 Page 8 Page 19 Page 14 WOR Pays Off in Higher Yields, Improved Soil Health When the time comes to replant an orchard, what if a material existed that, when incorporated into the soil, could increase yield, improve water use efficiency and reduce stress on new trees for years to come? Celebrating 25 Years of Nutrition Research ABC's nutrition research efforts started in 1995 with a focus on heart health. 25 years later, ABC continues pushing the envelope to fund research in weight management, skin health, almond composition and more. Kerri Walsh Jennings: Determination in the Face of a Detour During a luncheon at The Almond Conference 2019 last December, legendary beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings left attendees highly anticipating the 2020 Summer Olympics. In March, however, officials pushed back the Olympics an entire calendar year due to COVID-19.

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