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AROUND THE WORLD 15 advocate for the great things in life and be a great example. I sincerely reach for almonds on the daily to fuel myself… I'm kind of a pusher for things that I love." Walsh Jennings' message of resilience resonates across a large spectrum of society. In addition to ringing true to consumers of California almonds, it also rings true to the producers of California almonds, growers and hullers/shellers and handlers who continually face some degree of uncertainty in growing and processing almonds, and yet daily meet those challenges head on with determination and resilience to provide a healthy, safe food for people around the world to enjoy. Reflecting on her experience at The Almond Conference 2019, when she had the opportunity to meet various industry members, Walsh Jennings told Wahlbrink, "To know and hear about the heart, the soul, the effort and labor of love that you all put towards your products…it was special. I felt like I was amongst family… I left very inspired, and I left very excited about our partnership because when I love something, I want to shout it from the mountain top as much as I can." For more on Walsh Jennings' reaction to the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics in the days immediately following the announcement, check out her interview with Elle magazine. 3 Partnership with ABC, industry The Almond Board is proud to have Walsh Jennings as a current California almonds spokesperson and is continuing to work with her to conduct proactive media relations and marketing to build awareness of the benefits of consuming almonds. In anticipation for the 2020 Summer Olympics, ABC created a complete marketing campaign featuring Walsh Jennings that included multiple advertisements highlighting California almonds. Fortunately, the execution of that campaign should only be postponed, not cancelled, until July of 2021. ABC is currently working with Walsh Jennings on a sponsorship opportunity for the 2021 Summer Olympics, during which advertisements are anticipated to air across television – primarily on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) network – and on digital and social media. "Despite having to shift our marketing plan for the 2020 Olympics to next year, Almond Board staff and agency partners have worked hard to ensure we not only continue with our marketing this year but did so in the most effective way possible," Jeffers said. Marketing in the midst of COVID-19 During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies perceived as "asserting" their products on consumers have faced increasing scrutiny across the world. Keeping a keen eye on the consumer landscape, the Almond Board has strived – as it always does – to be sensitive to the current consumer climate and sentiment 3 coronavirus/?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=socialflowTWELM&utm_medium=social-media Continued from page 14 "I'm a mother and so I want to be an advocate for the great things in life and be a great example," said Walsh Jennings.

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