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RESEARCH UPDATE 19 Nutrition Research Program The Almond Board of California (ABC) is committed to learning how almonds can help address public health concerns and promote healthy lifestyles. Nutrition research has long been a cornerstone of ABC's work, contributing not only to our knowledge about almonds and their impact on human health but also to ABC's ability to communicate almond's health benefits globally. The Almond Board's nutrition research efforts started in 1995 with a focus on heart health. 25 years later, ABC continues pushing the envelope to fund research in not only heart health but also weight management and gut health, skin health, almond composition and even cognition. 185 + PUBLISHED STUDIES 10 PUBLISHED PAPERS IN 2020 $ 28M IN RESEARCH FUNDING, TO DATE 1992 First Almond Heart Health Study Published This research, not funded by ABC, sought to determine almonds' impact on heart health, focusing on low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. 1 1995 ABC Launches Nutrition Research Program and Nutrition Research Subcommittee 1996 ABC Begins Funding Research into Weight Management, Satiety and Gut Health In the 1990s, consumers believed eating foods with high fat content caused weight gain. To overcome this misconception around fats, ABC funded research to demonstrate the benefits of consuming "good" – unsaturated – fats via almonds, which have 13 grams of unsaturated fats. Almonds, along with avocados and olive oil, helped to change public perception. ABC Begins Funding Heart Health Research Although almonds have long been recognized for their health benefits, that knowledge was often followed with the thought "but, won't they make me gain weight?" Thanks to ABC-funded research around satiety and calorie absorption, we can now confidently communicate that eating nutrient-rich almonds not only can benefit heart health, diabetes and skin health, but it can also help you feel fuller and be used as a weight management tool. Thanks to the work Dr. Lapsley helped lead with the Nutrition Research Committee, ABC staff around the world can feel proud to represent an industry and a product that is backed by nutritional facts and an impressive body of science. — Dariela Roffe-Rackind Director of EU Marketing and Global Public Relations, ABC 1 Spiller, G.A., D.J.A. Jenkins, L.N. Cragen, J.E. Gates, O. Bosella, K. Berra, C. Rudd, M. Stevenson, R. Superko. 1992. Effect of a diet high in monounsaturated fat from almonds on plasma cholesterol and lipoproteins. J. Am. Coll. Nutr.11(2):126-130. What do you mean "good" fats? 1995/96 Budget RESEARCH UPDATE

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