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MOVERS AND SHAKERS Almond Board of California 2 MOVERS AND SHAKERS Burchell Nursery Last April, in the middle of delivering 3,000 fruit trees to the Midwest, Oakdale- based Burchell Nursery learned the deliveries could not be completed as businesses deemed "non-essential" during the COVID-19 pandemic had no way to accept the orders. The trucks had already reached Nebraska by the time they received the news, and Burchell Nursery had to find an alternative use for the trees – and fast. That's when President and CEO Tom Burchell called the pastor at Magalia Pines Baptist Church, located 30 minutes east of Chico, and arranged a Fruit Tree Giveaway on May 1 at the church. The nursery, which also sells almond trees, had partnered with the church the year prior to donate 1,000 fruit trees to families rebuilding their lives after the Paradise fire. In May, the event was equally popular. According to the Chico Enterprise, a line to receive trees formed well before the event's 11 a.m. start time, and by noon the line grew to hundreds of cars. "I'm grateful that we could find new uses for the trees, and for the opportunity to again support this community," Burchell said. The Chico Enterprise reported volunteers wore masks and enforced social distancing during the event. Linda Harris, Ph.D. University of California, Davis, Department Chair of Food Science and Technology and Specialist in Cooperative Extension Linda Harris, Ph.D., recently received the 2020 James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award. In 2001 and 2004, when Salmonellosis outbreaks associated with the consumption of raw almonds called into question the safety of tree nuts, the Almond Board started an aggressive research program under the leadership of Dr. Harris to better understand and address the microbial risks associated with almonds. Due in large part to her leadership, research and industry education, the California almond industry has not experienced additional outbreaks. "We cannot overemphasize the impact that Dr. Harris has had on positively shaping the food safety landscape for almonds as well as other tree nuts and low moisture foods for decades to come," said ABC's Tim Birmingham. "She has also been a strong steward of industry outreach and devoted countless hours towards helping the industry enact practical food safety measures at the orchard and processor level." Elaine Trevino Almond Alliance of California President Elaine Trevino was selected to represent California agriculture as a member of Governor Gavin Newsom's Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery. The Task Force is charged with developing measures businesses and government should take to help Californians, particularly those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, "recover as fast as safely possible from the COVID-19 induced recession" to shape a fair, green, and prosperous future, according to the Office of the Governor. Joining Trevino to provide an almond-specific perspective is Don Cameron, vice president and general manager of TerraNova Ranch. "The Almond Alliance has spoken to many industry members and partnering agricultural organizations about this pandemic and is creating an ongoing summary of needs and concerns regarding COVID-19. I am working hard to communicate the needs of our industry and provide the important perspective of agriculture as a member of this Task Force," Trevino said. Linda Harris, Ph.D. Tom Burchell, Burchell Nursery Elaine Trevino Recommend a "mover and shaker" to be included in a future issue of How We Grow. Email Ashley Knoblauch at with the person's name and a paragraph explaining why you believe they deserve recognition. Almond Board of California 2

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