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Rick Perry Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Former Governor of Texas "America's future political leaders are in the making today; they presently hold positions of leadership in local government. I am passionate about Capitol Ministries' efforts to reach today's 500,000 elected local government leaders with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple them with the Word of God so they may form a Christian worldview in their hearts. I see this effort as critically important. America's ideological future hangs in the balance. I believe this is one of CapMin's most strategic long-term ministries and I am committed to help achieve this as spokesman for Local Government Ministries (LGM). We are sharing the same in-depth Bible studies with elected local government leaders that Ralph is teaching to me and to White House Cabinet members, U.S. Senators, and Representatives every week. In the process, we are praying that God will raise up many LGM leaders throughout our nation to lead these grass roots Bible studies. We covet your prayers as we embark on this tremendously important endeavor."

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