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August 2020

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM AUGUST 2020 4 Eliana Barriga Go be in your happy place, AUGUST 2020, VOLUME 31, ISSUE 8 CELEBRATING OUR 31 ST YEAR AS THE RETAIL OBSERVER PUBLISHER/MANAGING EDITOR E LIANA BARRIGA DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING MOE LASTFOGEL ART DIRECTOR TERRY PRICE CONTRIBUTING WRITERS KEVEN DALKE MARIO JUAREZ LEE MCDONALD STEVEN MORRIS JOHN RIDDLE JOHN TSCHOHL LIBBY WAGNER ALAN WOLF RALPH E. WOLFF DEADLINE FOR OCT. 2020 ISSUE: SEPT. 1, 2020 THE RETAIL OBSERVER 2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 508 Henderson, NV 89014-2121 800.393.0509 • 702.208.9500 Fax 702.570.5664 To receive a copy of The Retail Observer online, or to unsubscribe, please go to The Retail Observer website is hosted by Market Digitally Printed on Recycled Paper THE RETAIL I n today's upside-down world filled with the deadlines, debt, worries, and other serious challenges we may find ourselves facing these days, it's easy to fall into the trap of the waiting game during your pursuit of happiness. Waiting for a better break, or a new job? Waiting for the phone to ring, or what money will bring? Hoping for better health and well-being, or a relationship with meaning, or things to be better, or different weather? Waiting for tomorrow, or something to borrow, or a body of steel, or to cut a deal, or for the kids to behave, or your way to be paved? Time waits for no one, so don't waste precious time waiting for something or someone to make you happy or rich. The clock is running... how are you spending your valuable time? As I was shopping in our home improvement center yesterday, I was talking to the salesman about fixing-up properties for re-sale, which is something I like to do. He told me how much he enjoys it and how there are deals out there right now, so I asked him why he wasn't out there doing it. His response was, "I'm waiting for the economy to get better." How many times have I heard that? How many of us are waiting for the economy to get better? Stop It! Stop waiting for circumstances outside yourself to change, to do, or have what you want in your life or business. Use the challenges you face to your advantage, including the economy. Take care of those in your community that need your help. A lot of bad things have happened to good people who need another chance to get back on track. How can you help? Do you have a dream? How about including others in your dream? Don't wait—get up every morning and greet the new day. My mama used to say, "The early bird gets the worm", and she was right. Go after your dreams and do what you need to do to make them come true. The pursuit of happiness isn't waiting for you! THE WAITING GAME and the pursuit of happiness Elle's View As I See It

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