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See the full range of fast-payback equipment at flexicon.com: Flexible Screw Conveyors, Tubular Cable Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Conditioners, Bulk Bag Fillers, Bag Dump Stations, Drum/Box/Container Dumpers, Weigh Batching and Blending Systems, and Automated Plant-Wide Bulk Handling Systems II-0631 Reduce and Distance Plant Personnel while Boosting Output and Preventing Contamination with automated, enclosed bulk equipment and systems from Flexicon Automated, sealed BULK-OUT ® Discharger-Conveyor Systems replace multiple workers dumping hand-held bags manually, while preventing contamination. Enclosed Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Systems feed a central weigh hopper mechanically, and remove weighed batches pneumatically, requiring labor only to attach/detach bulk bags. Bulk Bag Discharging Systems can loosen solidified material and meter it into liquid streams (shown), screeners, size reduction equipment and continuous blenders—automatically. ©2020 Flexicon Corporation. Flexicon Corporation has registrations and pending applications for the trademark FLEXICON throughout the world. USA sales@flexicon.com 1 888 FLEXICON UK AUSTRALIA SOUTH AFRICA CHILE SPAIN FRANCE GERMANY SINGAPORE INDONESIA +44 (0)1227 374710 +61 (0)7 3879 4180 +27 (0)41 453 1871 +51 2 2415 1286 +34 930 020 509 +33 (0)7 61 36 56 12 +49 173 900 78 76 +65 6778 9225 +62 81 1103 2400 Dual SWING-DOWN ® Bulk Bag Fillers fed by weigh hoppers fill up to 40 bags per hour with only one operator connecting empty bags and one forklift removing full bags. Flexicon Bulk Bag Filling Lines automatically dispense pallets, fill bulk bags, and disconnect/accumulate filled bags, minimizing operator involvement. TIP-TITE ® Drum/Box Dumpers seal, tip and mate a discharge cone to a gasketed hopper lid, open a slide gate and feed downstream processes— automatically and dust-free. Flexicon automated equipment and systems can move your bulk materials at higher capacities with fewer personnel, cutting costs while distancing operators from one another.

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