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September 2020

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2020 24 I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ] MIELE INTRODUCES AUTONOMOUS CLEANING FREEDOM WITH THE NEW G7000 DISHWASHERS Revolutionizes dishwashing with the world's first dishwasher that automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent based on degree of soiling Miele has announced the launch of the new G7000 Dishwashers, giving users more autonomous cleaning freedom. Featuring AutoDos with PowerDisk ® , the G7000 series is the world's first dishwasher that automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent based on the selected program and degree of soiling for more effective and efficient cleaning. The new G7000 also includes AutoStart, which allows users to start, stop and monitor their dishwasher from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. "The G7000 Dishwasher line is an extremely exciting launch for Miele – it is one of our biggest yet," said Jan Heck, President and CEO of Miele, Inc. "Miele is going beyond the limits of the possible and improving what is already perfect by incorporating our new PowerDisk and AutoStart technologies. All users have to do is load and unload the machine and occasionally replace the PowerDisk; everything else can be left to the machine." THE POWER OF MIELE'S POWERDISK AUTOMATIC DOSING Miele's PowerDisk helps reduce the amount of detergent and energy used to wash dishes. With a detergent powder and rinse aid incorporated, the PowerDisk is placed in a special compartment on the inside of the G7000 door. The PowerDisk is a detergent-filled disk measuring around 6" in diameter and about 1.5" thick, and automatically releases the precise amount of detergent each time it rotates during a cleaning cycle. The load is monitored by a sensor with more detergent dispensed for heavy loads, whereas less is dispensed for lighter loads. The powder detergent, which dissolves quickly, contains special enzymes for an effective wash, even at low temperatures, as well as active oxygen for thorough cleanliness and freshness. It also has protective factors for silver and glassware. Special protection against moisture and heat also guarantees unwaveringly high quality and consistency over the entire use of a PowerDisk. For users who prefer conventional detergents, the G7000 does feature a conventional two-compartment container in the door, as well. AUTOSTART AND MOBILE CONTROLS All G7000 models with AutoDos can be connected to the Internet via WiFi and can be controlled via the Miele@mobile app from a mobile device, as well as Amazon's Alexa. This allows users to start and stop their G7000 Dishwasher from anywhere, activate wash cycles and options from their smartphones, check levels and even order detergent online. The G7000 Dishwashers can also be programmed to start at the same time or different times throughout the week, as well be programmed to run different wash cycles. This intelligent system also knows to cancel a start if the appliance door has not been opened between cycles. Additionally, the user can trigger further cycles from a mobile device, or conversely, cancel or postpone programmed starts. Users will also get notified when they are almost out of detergent so they can easily order more through the Miele@mobile app. M TOUCH DISPLAY The G7000 also offers another first with its M Touch color display. With M Touch, all built-in appliances can be operated like smartphones, even including fully integrated models with top controls. This guarantees an optimal user experience using both symbols and text and an intuitive interface involving tapping, dragging and swiping, which is only available from Miele. FLEXLINE BASKETS The new G7000 FlexLine Dishwashers baskets offer incredible flexibility for loading and cleaning all kinds of dishware and utensils perfectly. With moveable sections and the 3D MultiFlex tray, our dishwashers offer space where there was not any before. For the first time, the right-hand side section can be lowered, offering space not only for cutlery but also for small items. The central section, fixed in a lowered position, is perfect for larger items like ladles. The left- hand section can still slide to one side to allow tall items of stemware to be securely accommodated in the upper basket below. A completely redesigned water circuit is aimed at preserving natural resources, bringing water consumption down to as little as 1.5 gallons and increasing energy efficiency. Such tried-and-tested Miele features as QuickIntenseWash (top cleaning performance in only 58 minutes.), LED interior lighting (BrilliantLight) or opening the handleless door by knocking on the front (Knock2open) will remain available. The new G7000 Dishwashers will be available at Miele retailers nationwide in July 2020. Pricing will range from $1,499 to $2,999. Visit for more information.

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