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www . | September - October 2020 | 15 Th e " Lub e -Tips " se c tion of M achin er y Lubric ation magazin e feature s innovative ideas submit te d by our rea der s . Additional tips c an b e found in our Lub e -Tips email n ewslet ter. If you have a tip to share, email it to e ditor@ noria .com . To re ceive th e Lub e -Tips n ewslet ter, subscrib e now at w w w. M achiner yLubrication .com/page/subscriptions. Ferrous Density Meters and Canaries Ferrous density meters can foretell disastrous events just like canaries in a coal mine. ese instruments can often save a machine from sudden operational failure. eir role is to monitor the density of a single type of wear metal commonly found in oil or grease: cast iron or low-alloy steel. Such common metallurgy is deployed in a wide range of frictional machine surfaces including bearing rolling elements/raceways, gears, pistons/cylin- ders, cams/followers and many others. The Destructive Potential of Engine Oil It only takes one liter of engine oil to destroy the demulsibility of 6000 liters of turbine oil. Lubricants that require good demulsibility (water separation) should never be mixed with lubricants that contain dispersants or high concentrations of detergents. Small amounts of oil with good emulsion characteris- tics will destroy the water shedding properties. Rarely can the demulsibility be restored. ML Failure Triage Classifications (3 Tees) • Trivial – incipient (about to occur) • Treatable – impending (is occurring) • Terminal – catastrophic (has occurred) We know that when critical failures occur, every effort should be made to prevent repeat performances. Yet, without an interven- tion to remove the underlying root cause, a recurrence is almost guaranteed. Maintenance organizations should consider failure investigations as seriously as they do immediate repair. Yet all too often, once production is restored, the urgency and memory of the failure begins to fade. LUBE-TIPS Have Some Tips? Did You Know ? If you have a tip to share, email it to e ditor@ noria .com . Additional tips c an b e found in our Lub e -Tips email n ewslet ter. To re ceive th e Lub e -Tips n ewslet ter, subscrib e now at M a ch i n e r yLu b ric at io n .co m . Hope to Inspect a Gearbox Although a comprehensive on-site gearbox inspection is desirable in many situations, there may be constraints that limit the extent of the inspec- tion such as cost, time, accessibility and qualified personnel. Quick but effective gear inspections: • Visual: pitting, scratch marks, polishing, etc. • Touch: shelf formation • Measure: backlash with feeler gauge • Debris: magnetic probe or BS&W A: A lubrication system is considered the life blood of a plant's equipment. At JSW Steel Dolvi Works, lubrication is given a top priority which is evident by the machinery lubri- cation system in one of our most critical departments, the Steel Melt Shop. e upkeep of the equipment's lubrication system has raised equipment reliability and helped improve production. ML

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