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SUPERMARKET Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean, but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the critical proac- tive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. Harvard Corporation 800-523-1327 Designed as a mobile on-line lab to measure partic- ulate, water, and overall oil health, the PFM75 is an easy way to track oil condition and optimize your hydraulic and lube assets. Take control of your oil analysis, eliminate bottle sampling error and get results in real time. Hy-Pro Filtration 317-849-3535 With Citrol®, when we say, 'rinse thoroughly with water,' we mean it. Citrol® is a biodegradable degreaser with industrial strength cleaning power. It rapidly penetrates through tough buildups and residues with ease. Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants 800-325-9962 Detect machine faults faster with Luneta's C o n d i t i o n M o n i t o r i n g Po d ( C M P ). M a d e f rom Tr it a n, t h i s mu lt i-p a r a m- e ter i n sp e c t ion to ol a l low s for qu ic k observation and identification of root causes and symptoms of failure in your machines. Luneta 1-888-742-2021 ADVERTISE WITH US e Conserver © Purification units clean and dry oil and hydraulic fluids – extending drainage periods dramatically and reducing equipment and engine wear. e patented and third party validated systems are scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Next Generation Filtration Systems, LP 412-548-1659 20 | September - October 2020 | www .

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