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www . | September - October 2020 | 21 BOOKSTORE Welcom e to M a ch i n e r y Lu b ricatio n's B ook s tore, de sign e d to sp otlight lubric ation - relate d b ook s . For a complete lis ting of b ook s of intere s t to lubric ation profe s sionals , c h e c k o u t t h e B o o k s t o r e a t s t o r e . n o r i a . co m . Keep Our Machines Clean Poster Home Sweet Home Poster Use the Correct Oil Poster Integrated Reliability: Condition Monitoring and Maintenance of Equipment Author: John Osarenren is book incorporates reliable engi- neering and mathematical modeling to help you move toward sustainable development in reliability condition monitoring and maintenance. It introduces a cost-effective integrated reliability growth monitor, integrated reliability degradation monitor, technological inheritance coefficient sensors, and a mainte- nance tool that supplies real-time information for predicting and preventing potential failures of manufacturing processes and equipment. Machinery Condition Monitoring: Principles and Practices Author: Amiya Ranjan Mohanty Providing the working prin- ciples behind the important elements of machines as well as the techniques to understand their conditions, this book presents every available method of machine fault detection. It draws on the author's more than two decades of experience with machinery condition monitoring and consulting while introducing the practicing engineer to the techniques used to effectively detect and diagnose faults in machines. In-Service Lubricant and Machine Analysis, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Author: ASTM International is compilation of the Journal of ASTM International (JAI) contains papers presented at a symposium on in-service lubricant and machine anal- ysis, diagnostics and prognostics held Dec. 8, 2010, in Jacksonville, Florida. It includes recent developments in online oil condition monitoring sensors and align- ment with ASTM methods and practices, an overview of progress and new developments in FTIR lubricant condition monitoring methodology, guidelines for alarm limits and trend analysis, and more. Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants — 3rd Edition Aut hors: R . M. Mor t ier, M.F. Fox and S.T. Orszulik is updated and revised third edition describes the chemical components that contribute to the formu- lation of liquid lubricants and includes a discussion of lubricant technology for specific applications. It is of particular relevance for those in industry who are involved with lubricant additives, formulation and testing, as well as those who are concerned with the use and specification of lubricants. Machinery Lubrication I Study Pack Visit today • Flash Card Pack • 125-question Practice Exam • How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam • Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide • Oil Analysis Basics • e Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication

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