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22 | September - October 2020 | www . Are Online Exams Right for You? See What Others Are Saying Paul Hiller | ICML Online Exams Are Here to Stay" " TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION L u b r i c a t i o n P r o g ra m s In mid-July of this year, the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML, www.lubecouncil. org) expanded its long- standing industrial certif ication exam program into a secure, proc- tored, online platform. Since then, hundreds of machinery lubrication and oil analysis practitioners have taken advantage of this virtual alternative to the paper format that ICML has provided since 2001. You may be wondering whether the online exams live up to the hype so far. You may also be wondering if your own private concerns about online exams are shared by others. Anticipating such interest, I have compiled feedback from recent test-takers here, and their responses confirm that ICML is definitely on the right track. Our mid-July press release noted that ICML had already been considering development of online exams this calendar year. But by March, Covid-19 restrictions had begun negatively impacting our global network of independent training providers, who have regu- larly provided formal training for thousands of exam candidates each year. ey reported that temporary public health policies were making it impossible for them to host physical classes and exam sessions. ICML immediately prioritized completion of its online exam initiative. "As many industries face logis- tical and economic challenges related to the worldwide Covid-19 response, ICML remains committed to helping lubrication practitioners and inde- pendent training partners succeed in their professional endeavors," wrote ICML Executive Director Leslie Fish when we first announced our inten- tions to pursue online exam delivery. What Do Test-Takers Want? To make this online exam option a viable reality, ICML partnered with an online testing company called Caveon and a proctoring company called Examity. Every online test-taker registers with ICML to gain access to the Examity plat- form where he or she can schedule a private, proctored exam session for any time of day or night. Since announcing the new program, we have promoted a value proposition that stresses convenience, ease of use,

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