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www . | September - October 2020 | 27 ML PRO TIP: Yes, the online option is here to stay. for posta l deliver y woes, it is not immune to other technical glitches or commu- nication errors. For instance, some respondents indicated that remote proctors have been easy to understand and talk to, while others have had difficulty understanding various accents. (Currently, proctors speak only in English.) To mitigate such issues, ICML provides every exam candidate with a "Live Proctoring Test-Taker Guide." Along with instructions for using the Examity exam portal on the selected exam day, this guide also includes a summary of the proctor's script. By reading the guide in advance, any test- taker can know what the proctor is going to say, making it easier to follow along during the exam check-in process even if the proc- tor's speaking voice is not quite understandable. Additionally, if accents are still a challenge, there is a chat option available for typing messages to the proctor. Figueroa conf irms the guide certainly helped him out when he faced a challenging accent combined with faulty audio. "ere was a connection problem that seemed to be just for my proctor at the time he read me the instructions," he explains. "It didn't really affect me since I knew the instructions that ICML previously sent. And then when the audio worked— the truth was that my proctor's English had a very strange accent and I didn't understand him at all." ank goodness for ICML's test-taker guide! As a supplement to the guide, ICML has placed a helpful, annotated walk-through video on our YouTube channel ( ) that provides an advance look at a proctor's scripted engagement with a test-taker. Online Exams Are Here to Stay ICML's online certification exams were a long time coming, and now their time is here. We are glad to have been able to develop this program and main- tain industry support during restrictive Covid-19 directives. This article's collection of responses certainly suggests that ICML is on the right track with our online exams, providing beneficial features that test-takers actually want and appreciate. Hopefully, you have read something here that assures you that an online certification exam may be the right way for you to overcome your own set of circumstantial challenges. If not, just know that ICML still offers paper exams for individ- uals or groups, too. I will wrap this up with a final observation from Mathura: "I'm extremely pleased that the ICML has taken this forward- thinking step in rolling out online exams! In the past, there were always additional expenses of airfare, accommodation, the hassle of travelling, and now those hassles went out the window with this electronic exam. We can literally study for the exam and write it from the same desk that we use every day. I hope that the online exams are a permanent fixture!" ML

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