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Insp e c tion AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation The Four States of Water in Oil W hy is t his impor ta nt? Water is a highly destructive contaminant. It's important to know how it behaves and coexists when it invades our oil, machine or system. e understanding of its coexistence has evolved over the years from the initial perception of two states, then three and now four. ree of these states are clearly visible and not only tell us about the pres- ence of water, but also about the condition of the oil. By far, the most important, effec- tive and practical condition monitoring sensor is the eyeometer (I love that word!). It is imperative that we train our eyes and be keen inspectors which is integral to Inspection 2.0. If you want world-class reliability, you must have world-class lubri- cation. If you want world-class lubrication, you must have world-class inspection. Back to water… How Many States? Historically, water contaminated oil has been said to exist in two states, the first dissolved water (bound molecularly in the matrix of the oil) and the second free water (not molecularly bound). In the last 30 years or so most of the literature, including Noria's publications, refer to water as having three states. Free water has been redefined as being water that, by force of gravity, will phase out of the oil. is means it will separate "By far, the most important, effective and practical condition monitoring sensor is the eyeometer" 2 | September - October 2020 | www .

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