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October 2020

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM OCTOBER 2020 14 I t's frustrating. You've put in the work and you've finally made it to the management team – and you haven't stopped there. You show up first and leave last. You're there every time one of your employees needs something. To an outsider looking in, you're killing this management thing. But your employees still want nothing to do with you. They scoff when you tell them what to do and they suddenly get quiet when you walk into the room. You know you must get your team behind you if you're going to stay on the management team. Chances are it's not about what you're doing right – it's about what you're doing wrong. How Not to Manage People is filled with interviews and stories of people who were being held back by things they didn't realize were working against them. The workplace is a minefield, filled with politics and unspoken rules. This book is here to teach you how you're screwing it up, what to do about it, and how other people screwed it up before figuring it out. How Not to Manage People will explain what you should stop doing immediately and what you should be doing more of. Now stop panicking and letting frustration hold you back. This book is the tool you need to get your team on your side and rock the manager title! B O O K R E V I E W HOW NOT TO MANAGE PEOPLE Author: Award-winning author and bestselling publisher Mike Wicks is an avid business writer. He has managed several multimillion-dollar government programs, rebranded towns and regions, written economic development and tourism strategies, and created sponsorship programs for major not-for-profits. Wicks is also a well-regarded trainer, facilitator, and speaker whose clients have included national banks and multinational insurance corporations. Wicks has written and collaborated on over twenty books, e-books, and training manuals. Fire from the Sky: A Diary Over Japan won silver medal for best military memoir of 2005, awarded by the Military Writers Society of America. Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership RO

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