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Certificate & Degree Programs 2020-2021 MASSAGE THERAPY CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY IN MASSAGE THERAPY (700 CLOCK HOURS; CODE 1184; 24 HOURS PER WEEK) (700 CLOCK HOURS: CODE 1197; 20 HOURS PER WEEK) Division: Beauty & Wellness - Massage Therapy Program Manager: Shala Dveirin Massage therapists use the professional art of therapeutic touch to facilitate healing in the body. The Massage Therapy program builds strong foundational skills for students, equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed in the massage therapy industry. Focus is placed on structural massage - the ability to couple and apply a deep understanding of anatomy with powerful tissue sculpting techniques in order to create radical change in the body. Students learn how to use hands, fingers, forearms, knuckles, fists and elbows when working with the soft tissues of the body. While the program centers heavily on anatomy, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage, it rounds out your education with exposure to Asian modalities, sports massage, pregnancy massage and business classes. This program provides the training necessary for success in the massage therapy industry regardless of the setting: private practice, spas, fitness centers, sports teams, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and chiropractic offices. Program Notes: Students must successfully pass each course with a minimum grade of 80% and 100% of the course hours required in order to continue on to the next course. Students may apply for graduation from the Massage Therapy program upon successful completion of the program hours and a score of 80% or higher. Completion of the program does not guarantee a massage therapy license (in any state). The Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy may deny the application if they determine the requirements for citizenship and/or criminal background are not met. If students have any concerns about citizenship status and/or a criminal background, they are encouraged to immediately contact the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy via its website: HTTPS://MASSAGETHERAPY.AZ.GOV, give full disclosure of the situation, and save any written response. GateWay Community College will not give refunds or be held liable for graduates who do not receive an Arizona massage therapy license. Admission Criteria: High school diploma or GED. Program Prerequisites: None MEDICAL ASSISTING CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY IN MEDICAL ASSISTING (830 CLOCK HOURS; CODE 1132; 16 HOURS PER WEEK) (830 CLOCK HOURS; CODE 1133; 20 HOURS PER WEEK) (830 CLOCK HOURS; CODE 1804; 24 HOURS PER WEEK) Division: Healthcare Program Manager: Janeen Berberian 185

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