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Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCCD) 2020-2021 Graduation/General Education Policies Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation Governing Board Approval, March 24, 2020 CERTIFICATES/DEGREES The Maricopa Community Colleges offer Certificates of Completion as well as Associate Degrees, which are conferred on students who have completed a program of study. These certificates and degrees are as follows: (1) Certificate of Completion (Career Program Specified); (2) Academic Certificate; (3) General Education Certificate; (4) Associate in Arts; (5) Associate in Arts, Elementary Education; (6) Associate in Arts, Fine Arts; (7) Associate in Business-General Requirements; (8) Associate in Business-Special Requirements; (9) Associate in Science; (10) Associate in Applied Science (Career Program Specified); (11) Associate in General Studies. All candidates for a degree and/or certificate must complete the General Graduation Requirements as approved by the MCCCD Governing Board. All students are urged to meet with a faculty advisor, program advisor or counselor as soon as possible to determine which program meets their needs and to plan their course of study. LICENSURE DISCLAIMER Maricopa Community Colleges courses and programs prepare students for entry into a variety of professions. Many of these professions require that a person hold an occupational license or certificate in order to work in a particular field. Typically, a person must meet certain legal requirements before obtaining such a license or certificate. These requirements are established by county, state or federal agencies, and often are based on a person's character, or whether the person has been convicted of a criminal offense. It is possible for a student who has obtained a degree or certificate from a community college to be denied the right to work in a particular profession after completing the degree or certificate because of concerns over the student's character or criminal background. Any student preparing to enter a field for which a professional license or certificate is required is strongly advised to consult with the appropriate government agency that issues such credentials. That agency can provide the student complete information about any requirements the law imposes for working in a particular occupation. MCCCD General Education Statement The general education core of the program of study for an associate degree or a certificate helps students develop a greater understanding of themselves, of their relationship with others, and of the richly diverse world in which they live. The general education experience provides students with opportunities to explore broad areas of commonly held knowledge and prepares them to contribute to society through personal, social, and professional interactions with others. General education fosters students' personal development by opening them to new directions, perspectives, and processes. Through its general education requirements, the Maricopa County Community College District is committed to helping students develop qualities and skills that will serve them throughout their lives. General education opportunities encourage students to: • Build self-awareness, self-respect, and self-confidence • Recognize and respect the beliefs, traditions, abilities, and customs of all people and all cultures • Consider the local, global, and environmental impacts of personal, professional, and social decisions and actions • Access, evaluate, analyze, synthesize, and use information wisely • Communicate effectively personally, socially, and professionally • Think critically, make informed decisions, solve problems, and implement decisions • Consider the ethical implications of their choices • Value the learning process throughout their lives • Integrate and connect ideas and events in a historical perspective, and see relationships among the past, the present, and the future • Develop a personal sense of aesthetics • Use technological resources appropriately and productively • Work cooperatively and respectfully with others to serve their communities 93

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