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SiG MT 86 TO YOUR HEALTH TEXT BY DAWN LARSON, PT When was the last time you ditched your shoes and walked barefoot through the wet grass? It might be time to kick off those rubber-soled barriers and "sync" your bare feet into the dirt, sand, water, or grass and practice some healthy earthing. "Earthing" or "grounding" is a timeless practice, yet recent modern discovery, that has been around since our ancestors walked the earth in bare feet. But thanks to the invention of synthetic soled shoes, a non- conductive barrier was erected between mankind and our greatest source of electrons – the earth. is lack of contact has led to electromagnetic instability which continues to threaten our health. The Healing Benefits of Barefoot Grounding A Healthy Dose of Earth Dawn Larson, PT: A 1998 University of Montana graduate of physical therapy, Dawn worked in outpatient hospital seings for five years before opening her own clinic. As a mother of four, she loves raising her kids, making people feel beer, devouring Chinese food and living by the saying , "A worried mother does more research then the FBI" Earthing is not a treatment, but rather a return to a core aspect of nature that we have abandoned. When skin comes into contact with the ground, the human body acts like a sponge, soaking up negatively charged electrons from the earth and stabilizing the atoms in the body. is stabilization helps improve the overall function of the body's system and is by far one of the most natural, safest, and inexpensive things you can do to improve your health. Earthing, put simply, means living in contact with the earth's natural surface charge, an activity that naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. ere are numerous earthing studies that confirm the effects on the human body when it touches the surface of the earth. ese studies show that electrons move from the earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded (in direct contact with the earth). is effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same electrical potential as the earth. For people searching for natural cures, earthing is a dream come true. e self-healing mechanisms that can occur in the human body are remarkable. Furthermore, these studies consistently demonstrate how reconnecting and grounding the body produces some common benefits including the reduction of inflammation, the reduction or elimination of chronic pain, reduced stress, increased energy, improved sleep and accelerated healing from injuries and surgery. One way to ground, is to simply take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Walking outside is a good way to engage in physical activity not to mention a great way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D. To make the grounding experience more effective you can also dampen the soil or grass for added connectivity. Connecting any part of your body to the ground allows for the absorption of anti- inflammatory energy. Placing your hands, fore arms, or legs on the ground works great as well. For those that have sensitive feet and cannot walk barefoot, siing on a chair and puing your feet in the grass is equally beneficial. Over the last 15 years, a variety of indoor grounding materials have been developed to assist with earthing, including bed mats, sheets, patches, shoes, body bands, and even grounding pads for pets. ese products are helpful conductors of the earth's natural energy to the body when indoors. ey do not run on electricity, but rather connect you to the earth via the ground port of a grounded electrical outlet. ey are used during sleep, work or just relaxing indoors. With any of these products, your body is immediately brought to the same electrical potential as the earth. However, the most simple and inexpensive way to ground is to walk on the ground in your bare feet. Moisture is a superior conductor and therefore, wet grass, dirt, a beach, or lake provides the best grounding experience. It is also helpful to know that leather, metal, coon, and non-stained concrete are conductive. However, pavement, wood, plastic, rubber, synthetic or insulated materials will block the healthful negative charges from the earth. Earthing can improve the quality of life for anyone who is experiencing pain and inflammation at any age. Take a break from the stressful, everyday activities and walk, stand, or even sit barefoot on the ground for just a half an hour or more. You'll feel beer and as you feel beer, you'll realize the limitless healing energy is right underneath you. S MT

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