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Hayley Lenington-Leray SiG MT 10 FROM THE EDITOR few weeks ago, a friend gave me a beautiful silver bracelet. Inscribed on the inside is the saying, "Let that sh#! go". Whenever I face misgivings about life, quite oen, my dear friend steps in and provides ballast. Positivity is typically a staple in my wheelhouse, but the troubling developments surrounding us all have been challenging. I've never been good with change, in fact I'm so OCD, that the slightest move of my toothbrush in the morning can launch me into anxiety overload. e coronavirus has altered our lives in many ways, canceling our 2020 plans, physically keeping us from our loved ones, yet, while these may be unprecedented and historic times, my friend reminded me of our fundamental goodness, and our resilience to succeed. I love Emerson's quote because it reminds us that our past and future are not as important as the spirit within us that moves us forward in the toughest of times. At Signature MT, we have had to rewrite our playbook and come up with new ways of dealing with the challenges thrown our way. Where we once were free to visit any destination, dispatch writers and photographers in every direction, and brainstorm in large groups, these times have refocused our approach but not altered our spirit. Speaking of spirit, this issue highlights people who have found balance and are leveraging their spirit and rising to the top of their game despite the challenges. Architect James Klippel nailed near perfection with his design for the "Gunsmoke Ranch" built on an 18-acre section of grassland at the Ranches at Belt Creek. We masked up and got a tour of this stunning 7,100 square foot luxury home that "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny maers to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson merges modern and rustic character into an architectural work of art. Keith Horton, Kyle Edwards, and Cale Stevens are no strangers to the entrepreneurial spirit. is trio just got their business off the ground when the global pandemic struck but, keeping a open "can-do aitude" gave their fledgling business resilience for the future. And if an apple a day hasn't kept the doctor away, you might want to give sauerkraut a try. Fermentation guru, Karina Crawford, says fermented cabbage is a gut-healing, skin-cleaning, anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting miracle food... all health benefits that restored her health and fueled the decision to open her own business, 406 Ferments. Retired business owner, John Kunz recalls family memories of their time in a Ramsenthal, Germany concentration camp. John's story serves as a timely reminder that it is our responsibility to 'not forget'; as remembering the Nazi horrors, particularly the brutality toward the Jewish and non-Jewish Polish people not only honors the victims and survivors, but also stands as a warning to successive generations against intolerance, prejudice and hatred. is is just a primer of what we have jam packed into this issue of Signature MT Magazine. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, but even more, we hope you find your balance between acknowledging things have changed and recognizing that these changes are temporary. Meanwhile, be grateful for the friends and family that keep you grounded and remind you to, "let that sh#! go" …your spirit of resilience depends on it. I know mine does. A S MT

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