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e right to train and discipline a pet means being respectful of its limitations and consistent with rules. NEVER physically hurt or harm your pet by hiing/beating, starving, withholding affection for long periods, rubbing its nose in things, or punish them for things they cannot control. Remember, compassion and patience go a long way. Socialization is critical and allowing that interaction with new people and other pets helps improve their confidence and can help ease any nervous and/or anxious tendencies. 4. Nutrition - Proper nutrition is vital for any animal. Don't buy into the hype of all the new pet foods out there with words like, "Wild", Grain Free", High Protein", trust the companies that have been around the longest. Studies are indicating that "Grain Free" diets can cause cardiomyopathy and diets too high in protein are hard on the kidneys which can lead to disease. No maer what kind of pet you have, they do not know anything about being back in the "Wild", they are domesticated. e best thing to do is talk with your vet about what type of food and how much is right for your pet. Keeping your pet on a regular, portion- controlled diet will help with their overall health. 5. Children and Pets – Do not allow children to treat any animal as a toy. All animals are living beings with feelings and should be respected as such. Children need to learn how to properly handle pets with gentleness and concern. Too many young animals are euthanized yearly due to the unsupervised handling and rough play of children. Pets, especially young ones, need downtime with rest as well as fun and exercise. ey should have their own safe space, such as a crate or housing, where they know they will not be disturbed. Having a pet is an important life skill in teaching responsibility. When a child takes care of a pet, they also learn to be kind to others. 6. Love Your Pet - Make them part of the family. ese animals have endless love to give while asking lile in return. You are your pet's favorite thing in the whole world, and they need your love, aention, and care! Owning a pet is a privilege and should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. Having a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You can just as easily change an animal's life, like they will change yours. Please be aware of what your future pets' needs are before you give them what they believe is their forever home. S MT Dawn Milligan has been with Best Friends Animal Hospital for over 13 years. Dawn is a Veterinary Technician with over 30 years experience. She has been the Practice Manager for the last 8 years. Dawn's passion is advocating for all animals. Miss Linda's schooL of dance ♦ 761.8876 Ballet ♦ Tap ♦ Jazz ♦ Hip Hop ♦ Modern ♦ Ballroom Age 3 & Up enrollment ongoing online & StUDio optionS register NOW! DANCe education from the verY best Home Celebrating 40 Years Of Guiding Neighbors Learn how you can support our neighbors at SiG MT 91

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