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26 / November 2020 powderbulk.com Jenike & Johanson Corporate Description Jenike & Johanson, Inc. is the world's leading technology company for bulk material handling, process- ing, and storage. They deliver engi- neered solutions to achieve reliable powder and bulk solids flow based on proven theories and decades of project experience. With their skilled, highly technical team of experts and industry-leading inno- vations, they have successfully deliv- ered bulk material engineering solu- tions for over 55 years. Bulk materials and their flow properties are at the core of all Jenike & Johanson's work. Clients are offered maximum flexibility in selecting services required to meet their bulk material handling needs. Jenike & Johanson does not follow the "one size fits all" con- cept –which can be a dangerous pitfall in engineering. Decisions made during the feasibility and engineering stages of a project are critically important for its success. If bulk solids systems are not engi- neered from the outset to handle the unique characteristics of the materials, process start-up time can be significantly delayed and design capacity may never be reached. Training The engineers at Jenike & Johanson are world-class experts in the field of bulk material engineering. They are frequent keynote speakers at major industry events, routinely deliver informative webinars and custom- ized courses, and publish thought- ful technical articles in top industry journals and publications –all this in order to provide clients with the latest insight on cutting-edge meth- odologies which make the powder and bulk solids handling aspect of the business run seamlessly. Services The key to solving/ preventing handling problems is through knowing the causes. They offer an expan- sive range of services to effectively support any bulk material engineering project in any industry: • Material testing • On-site audits to review pro- cess & flow problems • Raw, intermediate, final grade flow testing • Storage vessel, chute, or feeder design • Pneumatic conveying testing • Silo structural engineering inspections • Pilot-scale process modeling and scale up Whether conveying raw mate- rials from storage silos to a pro- cess, feeding powders to a reactor, or packaging products in bulk, Jenike & Johanson can help achieve reliable material flow and high throughput capability. Visit www.jenike.com for tech- nical papers, case studies, and more information on Jenike & Johanson's solutions for bulk mate- rial handling needs. Jenike & Johanson 400 Business Park Drive Tyngsboro, MA 01879 978-649-3300 Fax: 978-649-3399 info@jenike.com www.jenike.com Date founded: 1966

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