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November 2020 / 27 Komline-Sanderson Corporate Komline-Sanderson provides liquid/ solid separation and thermal pro- cessing equipment for applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, and food processing. In addition, K-S offers equipment and technology for wastewater treatment, sludge (by-products) processing, and flue gas treatment in the industrial and municipal markets. Our experience ranges from simple one machine projects to complete systems and complex multistage processes. Major Products Komline-Sanderson's Paddle Dryer/Processor is a highly efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heat transfer device that adds or removes heat from a pro- cess mass using steam, circulated thermal fluid, or water. It is widely used for indirect drying, heating, cooling, and other thermal process- ing applications. The K-S Rotary Drum (RDVF) and Horizontal Vac- uum Filtration products are used for clarification, dewatering, and filter cake washing. K-S Vacuum Filters provide a continuous liquid/ solid separation process that is easy to control. Thickening and dewater- product lines used for clarification, thickening, dewatering, and drying of sludges and by-products. Tests range from feasibility checking using small amounts of material, thorough process evaluations and process optimization. K-S expertise in developing chemical condition- ing schemes and selecting filter media is a major component to many successful liquid/solid sepa- ration applications. For more exten- sive testing we offer pilot rental equipment for field trials and pro- duction of material for product and market evaluation. For additional information or inquires, please contact Komline Sanderson at 1-800-225-5457 or visit our website at www.Komline.com. ing of sludges are efficiently accom- plished with the K-S Gravabelt Gravity Belt Thickener and the K-S Kompress Belt Filter Press. K-S Dissolved Air Flotation clar- ifiers are used for the removal of suspended solids to meet plant dis- charge requirements, recover mate- rial, and water for reuse. Komline-Sanderson's vari- able speed Rotary Atomizers is a dependable mechanical approach to atomization for spray drying and dry scrubbing. Technical Services Komline-Sanderson's Technical Center in Pepack NJ provides for bench and pilot scale testing ser- vices for our line of vacuum filtration, indirect drying, and thermal processing of powders, granules, cakes and paste. We also offer testing for our environmental Komline-Sanderson 12 Holland Ave. Peapack, NJ 07977 908-234-1000 800-225-5457 Fax: 908-234-9487 info@komline.com www.komline.com

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