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8 / November 2020 powderbulk.com Cablevey Conveyors P.O. Box 148, 2397 Highway 23 Oskaloosa, IA 52577 USA 800-247-3344 info@cablevey.com www.cablevey.com Cablevey Conveyors Corporate Description Cablevey Conveyors, a family owned company, was founded in 1971 to service the agriculture industry primarily conveying grain and seed. Headquartered in Oska- loosa, Iowa, the center of the grain belt, allowed the company to offer complete customer satisfaction for this important industry. The success in the USA turned inter- national with product distributed throughout over 65 countries. Over 40 years of reliably convey- ing products led Cablevey to engi- neer and build high qualityindus- trial conveying systems. Currently, Cablevey Industrial Division, hasconfidently conveyed approximately 900 different prod- ucts for the top-tier food proces- sors globally and other Fortune 500 companies. Technologies Cablevey Conveyors' cable and disc technology gently move products through an enclosed tube without the use of air. Systems can con- vey up to 1,240 cubic feet (35 cubic meters) per hour. Coffee, nuts, snack foods, cereal, flakes, powders, pellets, shav- ings, crumbles, granules, fluff and dust can all be handled with ease. Numerous layouts available using multiple inlets and discharge points customized to your specifications. Product separation and degra- dation are practically eliminated. Cablevey replaces Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Pneumatic and Aeromechanical Systems. Brush Boxes for Cable Conveyor Maintenance Side Access Brush Boxes For easy cleaning and cable con- veyor maintenance of your tubular drag conveyor, consider integrating Cablevey's side access brush box. A brush box is simply a housing that the cable and discs pass through that contain roller brushes remov- ing particles that cling to the discs and cable. This easy-to-install unit will save you time and labor in your cable conveyor cleaning regimen. Markets Served Cablevey conveys materials for food processing, coffee, pet food, cereal, tea, chemical, plastic, paper, waste-water, petro-chemical, wood, soap, paper, pulp and wood industries. Facilities The headquarters facility in Oska- loosa, IA includes: engineering, research and development, assem- bly, marketing, sales and a product testing lab. Major Products All systems utilize cable and disc technology and operate at convey speeds which average 100 ft. (30.48 meter) per minute. Inspection Video Camera & Conveyor Monitoring System Install a conveyor monitoring system camera to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your Cablevey conveyor. Our cam- eras are diagnostic tools that run through tubular drag systems to ensure that conveyors are installed correctly. All cameras are equipped with removable micro SD cards and self-contained LED lighting units.

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