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42 Pharmaceutical Technology Regulatory Sourcebook October 2020 P h a r mTe c h . c o m Data Integrity C yberattacks affect all businesses, organizations and insti- tutions; a 2019 study by Accenture showed that there was an 11% increase in security breaches in 2018 compared to 2017, and the average cost of cybercrime to an organization increased US$1.4 million to US$13.0 million over the same period (1). The increase in cyber-attacks, coupled with a drive toward in- creased digitalization across industries, is making cyber-risk more complex and puts the need for effective cybersecurity measures high on the business agenda across all sectors. In the bio/pharmaceutical industry, cybersecurity is of vital im- portance because any delays to the development and delivery of life- saving medicines and treatments could compromise public health. The urgent need to develop vaccines and treatments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic only serves to underline the importance for bio/pharma facilities to ensure that manufacturing is uninterrupted. Challenges As bio/pharma manufacturers make their operations and networks in- creasingly streamlined and interconnected, there is a need to connect older facilities to the supply chain. In turn, this means that operational technology (OT) cybersecurity measures must be introduced to legacy systems to support archaic equipment, older operating systems, and de- cades-old protocols as well as networks where it is not possible to fully monitor the operational network or to detect and control intrusions. Due to their age, legacy networks do not include cyber-risk mitiga- tion elements that are all standard features in the modern OT cyber- security suite. These features include data loss prevention applications, Robert Brokamp is director Automation Services and Adi Karisik is global technology leader for Operational Technology, both at Jacobs. MICHAEL TRAITOV - STOCK.ADOBE.COM Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in Legacy Systems Robert Brokamp and Adi Karisik Ongoing and emerging cyber-risks to legacy operational technology systems in bio/ pharmaceutical manufacturing must be addressed.

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