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SUPERMARKET Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean, but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the critical proac- tive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. Harvard Corporation 800-523-1327 e KYTOLA® OILCOL Oil Color Analyzer is an online instrument based on visible light absorbance (transmittance) to indicate the ASTM D1500 color value of oil. Kyota 678-701-3569 Model OILAN A4 is an online oil water content analyzer which instantly shows changes in the lubrication oil water content. It is an excellent instrument for supporting preventative mainte- nance. Kyota 678-701-3569 Silver Streak® Multi-Lube Spray is extremely effec- tive in hot, wet and messy working environments. It's a highly adhesive, heavy-duty lubricant that tenaciously clings to surfaces and remains soft and pliable long after application. Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants 800-325-9962 Detect machine faults faster with Luneta's C o n d i t i o n M o n i t o r i n g Po d ( C M P ). M a d e f rom Tr it a n, t h i s mu lt i-p a r a m- e ter i n sp e c t ion to ol a l low s for qu ic k observation and identification of root causes and symptoms of failure in your machines. Luneta 1-888-742-2021 e OnTrak SmartLube by UE Systems provides organizations with a game-changing opportunity to monitor, identify and rectify bearing lubrication issues independent of time or location. e OnTrak is also supported by an IIoT Bearing Monitoring System, including web dashboards and user-alert features. UE Systems 914-592-1220 ML Our lineup of products consist of our industry leading and flagship desiccant Power Breathers to compliment preventing the ingress of contam- inants, Adapter Kits to improve fluid handling and the maintainability of lubricants and equipment, Filter Carts to support fluid conditioning prac- tices and our latest product line expansion in our PowerGuard pleated elements focused at removing impurities and costly contaminants from high and low pressure ends of oil loops. TTI – Todd Technologies Inc. 303-585-0132 Machinery Lubrication I (MLI) provides the foundational skill set for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge. rough MLI, students can move away from the "old-school" methods of vague, non-specific lubrication proce- dures and implement an excellent lubrication program in any industrial workplace. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 START YOUR FREE SUBSCRIPTION www . | January - February 2021 | 21

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