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SiG MT 26 DECADENT DESIGN Dr. Trent Clion says, "Each surgeon had in mind how he wanted to increase the functionality of the practice and what it should look like. But our overarching theme was that we wanted to represent the area and the people we serve. We wanted a building designed around outdoorsmanship in addition to being a functional clinic space." Due to the number of parties involved, designing a commercial facility presents unique opportunities. Bill Stuff of Fusion Architecture & Design says there are two major factors integral to a successful project, "We listen to all the parties and try to incorporate their wishes and needs into the facility design. We also educate our clients as to the design & construction process so they become comfortable with expressing their views. For most of our clients this will be the first and last building projects they will undertake. We want to make it as stress free as possible." Hailing from central Montana, Stuff was the perfect fit for the job. "It was very fortuitous," says Clion. "Bill was on the jobsite almost every day. He not only cares about the design, but also the execution of the design." Stuff was joined by the crew of Guy Tabacco Construction and RMK Design Associates to balance the form, function, and aesthetics. e completed structure at 2511 Bobcat Way triples the square footage and doubles the amount of patient rooms. A separate check-out area with a covered drive up allows for patients to be wheeled directly to cars while also decreasing congestion in the lobby. Reminiscent of great Montana hunting lodges, a timber entrance welcomes patients. The staff aims to keep patients flowing through the building. This decreases wait-time in the lobby while increasing patient privacy.

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