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SiG MT 21 SiG MT 21 "ese styles are difficult to produce and require expensive and specialized equipment that is oen very costly for the small cra brewery," says Kingsland. To appease the calorie conscious consumer, Kingsland says their sessionable beers seem to fit the bill for those wanting a lighter, healthier alternative. Widespread Appeal of Sours Cra beer enthusiasts accustomed to the crispness of Pilsners, the hoppiness of IPAs and the brawny goodness of stouts are gravitating towards sours. It's a catchall name for beers oen fermented with wild yeast and balanced with unique combinations of fruit and other flavors. Once unique to Belgian and northern German breweries, sour beers have gained substantial ground in the US as more people discover their distinct flavor. Kingsland recognizes the widespread popularity of sour beers and tries to keep at least one on the menu all the time. While they lack the space to store traditional wine barrels filled with souring beer, they opt for the more modern method of "Kele Souring", a common standard among smaller cra breweries. "We can produce a sour beer in about the same amount of time it takes to do a clean beer," says Kingsland. "We usually add fruit puree to the fermenting wort which complements the tartness of the lactobacillus," Kingsland adds. Yes, lactobacillus is a bacteria, but it's one of the "good" ones that fends off the "bad" bacteria, and like yeast, it helps in fermenting sugar. It's also responsible for supplying a pleasant and desired sour taste that helps bridge the gap between wine and beer drinkers. Sours appeal to beer drinkers who are open to trying something new, as well as people who wouldn't normally consider themselves beer drinkers, but like the sweet acidity and tartness of a sour. Kingsland says since they started brewing sour beers, they have been a hot commodity. Cra brewers have weathered one of the most trying years in recent history. Swingley, like many in the industry, hopes for an end to the current crisis so they can get back to doing the things they enjoy most. "We miss the brewing community…one of the coolest things about this industry is geing together at Brew Fests and beer conferences," says Swingley. "A lot of great beers come from two brewers talking the cra, offering new ideas or pointers on a beer style yet to be perfected," Last year may have been rough, but as we digest and emerge from this pandemic, our local breweries continue to play a unique role in helping communities heal. ey help people take back some sense of normal by offering a unique sense of community and warm and welcoming gathering place to share a "social lubricant". Cheers to that! Beer Man BEER MAN "We miss the brewing community…one of the coolest things about this industry is geing together at Brew Fests and beer conferences," says Swingley. KA A NS UF M E N S W E A R C E N T R E 411 Central Avenue, Great Falls 406.761.5010 Your Men's Apparel Headquarters Your Men's Apparel Headquarters FIND US ON FACEBOOK 401/403 Central Ave • Great Falls, MT 406.452.6724 The ARTisan of cut to order & MEAT CHEESE

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