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Nutritional management for dogs Especially for dogs, diet may be a risk factor for the development of pancreatitis and is frequently considered as part of the treatment. Some dogs do not do well on high-fat diets and may develop gastrointestinal signs, increased fat levels in the blood, and/or pancreatitis. To prevent future episodes in these dogs, a lower fat diet and monitoring of blood work will typically be recommended. Some dogs may need special therapeutic low-fat diets because normal diets that you buy at pet food or grocery stores may be too high in fat. A small number of dogs will need home-cooked diets that have the lowest possible fat to reduce pancreatitis risk, but this is uncommon. Fish oil may have benefits for reducing blood fat levels and pancreatitis risk in dogs where this is a consistent concern. Drugs used in people for high blood fats (triglycerides and cholesterol) may also be used in dogs with similar health concerns. If a dog has normal levels of fat in their blood, but develops pancreatitis aer dietary indiscretion, a low-fat diet (probably a therapeutic low-fat diet) will usually be used during the initial recovery period. ey may be able to transition back to their normal diet when they are completely recovered. However, if bouts of pancreatitis happen recurrently, additional diagnostics and a long-term low-fat diet are usually appropriate. Prevention Being overweight may also be a risk factor for the development of pancreatitis in dogs. Weight loss may reduce risk and conveniently, most diets with nutrient and calorie amounts appropriate for weight loss are also lower in fat. Watch your dog's diet. Make sure they don't have too much high-fat food and don't cave to their puppy-dog eyes, even on special occasions. S MT Dawn Milligan has been with Best Friends Animal Hospital for over 13 years. Dawn is a Veterinary Technician with over 30 years experience. She has been the Practice Manager for the last 8 years. Dawn's passion is advocating for all animals. SiG MT 91 Call today for free, no-obligation information! (406) 761-3500 | (800) 333-6017 300 Park Drive South, Suite 101 | Great Falls, Montana 59405 Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE | CONCERNED ABOUT THE CONCERNED ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET? For 130 years, Stifel has served as a trusted financial advisor to individuals, just like you. Our knowledge and service has helped clients navigate all market cycles, even the difficult ones. Instead of timing the market, we help investors follow a solid plan. Stifel, a full-service wealth management and investment banking firm, has the professional expertise and resources to assist you in developing a financial strategy that addresses the challenges of today's market and your long-term goals. We'd like to help you keep focused on the long term, but we also have information available on the market outlook from our nationally recognized research team. In light of recent headlines, we don't blame you for being concerned. Kick off the holiday season with our famous Tom & Jerry's TACO TUESDAY® PRICING ON ANYDAY enjoy your tacos like it's Taco Tuesday® any day of the week. Limit one coupon per customer, per visit. Not valid with any other coupon, discount or oer. Valid only at the following Taco John's locations: ©2020 Taco John's International, Inc. All Rights Resetved. Northside Taco John's - 1001 14th Street North Great Falls, MT 10th Avenue South Taco John's - 1301 10th Avenue South Great Falls, MT

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