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Agnes Shanley 6 FDA 2021 Guidance Agenda Sees Focus on Generics Susan Haigney OPERATIONS 10 A Real-World Approach to Evaluating Cleanroom Garments Anne Marie Dixon-Heathman QUALITY COLLABORATION 22 Special Section: It Takes a Bio/Pharma Village The editors of Pharmaceutical Technology 24 Enabling the Virtual Human Through Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Heidi J. Einolf, Stephen D. Hall, Tracy Williams, Aarti Patel, Christopher Gibson, Nancy G.B. Agrawal, and Jens Sydor 28 Managing the Risk of Nitrosamine Impurities Timothy Curran and J.P. Bercu 36 Overcoming Challenges to Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacture with Science- and Risk-Based Strategies Saroj Ramdas, Renata Varga, Martin Gastens, Twinkle R. Christian, Bharat Jagannathan, Barbara Rellahan, and Jillian Brady 42 Extrapolating Data from Adult Clinical Trials to Advance Pediatric Drug Development Sebastian Haertter, S.Y. Amy Cheung, Angela James, Ashley Strougo, Christina Bucci-Rechtweg, Jing Liu, Meina Tao Tang, Paulien Ravenstijn, Raafat Bishai, Satyendra Suryawanshi, and Solange Corriol-Rohou 48 Collaborative Efforts Address Key Data Integrity Challenges Ganapathy Mohan, Christopher Turner, Dennis O'Connor, Lisa Fink, Thomas Purdue, Jeffrey Beebie, Kerri Robles, and Karen Waetjen RESOURCES 52 Resources, Guidelines, and Guidance Documents 58 Regulatory and Standard Setting Organizations 61 Ad Index Cover image: GoodIdeas -; Cover design, Maria Reyes

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