Pharmaceutical Technology - March 2021

Pharmaceutical Technology - Regulatory Sourcebook - March 2021

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Counterfeiting and product safety risks EXIST... in navigating the world we CAN see, and in guarding against that which we CAN'T SEE CAN'T SEE The growth of global counterfeiting has risen rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century. In a recent study by the OECD, it is estimated that global trade-related counterfeiting accounts for 3.3% of world trade, or $509 billion USD. This threat continues to have a detrimental impact on both industries and economies. For pharma- ceutical brands, the potential exists for harmful events and serious health and safety risks resulting from product counterfeiting or tampering. Your products must be protected as well as the consumers who use them. From overt to covert, you'll fi nd design features, print techniques and security solutions to deter this threat, provide peace-of-mind for your brand, and build trust with your consumers. Security inks and micro print technology display authenticity and make fraud more challenging. Specialty coatings like watermarks and cold foil lend uniqueness and are more diffi cult to copy. RFID, source tagging and serialization provide added security through product tracking and anti- tampering measures. Print technologies such as 100% vision inspection, and PantoneLIVE ensure accurate copy and consistent color that represent product and brand authenticity. Secondary, or outer packaging, provides a fi rst line of defense against potential counterfeiting fraud and product tampering. Using any, or a combination of these techniques in the design and production of your packaging helps minimize counterfeit and tampering risks, keeping your product, your brand, and your consumers safe. Colbert Packaging offers a complete array of security features that help guard against f raud risks. As with all of our packaging solutions, we know that with every production run, the most important feature is what's INSIDE. For more details about overt and covert security features available to you, visit our website or download our brochure

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