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April 2021

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM APRIL 2021 20 ALL GAS FUNCTIONALITY FOR PRECISION COOKING For the home chef who prefers the increased cooking control and even heat distribution that gas cooking delivers, Signature Kitchen Suite is introducing both 36-inch all-gas pro ranges and rangetops. Key features of the six-burner models include: • Power Up or Simmer Down: Two Ultra-High™ Burners deliver 23K BTUs of pure cooking power for better searing and quick stir frying, while two Ultra-Low™ Burners simmer down to maintain temperatures as low as 100° to prepare delicate sauces and sugary confections. With some of the most advanced burners available, this means users have everything they need to sear a juicy steak for dinner and melt a pan of delicate chocolate for dessert. • Built-in Wok Grate: The three front burner grates are convertible for round bottom wok cooking, enabling home chefs to stir fry at home with professional-style results. • Smart Knobs: Unique to Signature Kitchen Suite pro-ranges and rangetops are intuitive smart knobs for advanced functionality and convenience. Each burner has a dedicated knob featuring a large illuminated display that makes it easy to read from across the room. These smart knobs are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to see if the burner is on or off using the SKS app. • Speed Clean™: Everyone's least-favorite part of cooking is now one of the easiest aspects. In addition to a traditional self-clean option, the 36-inch all-gas range also incorporates a Speed Clean feature, making fast work of cleaning a lightly soiled oven using only water and a 10- minute cycle. "With the addition of all-gas ranges and rangetops, plus the expansion of our current portfolio of pro ranges and wall ovens, Signature Kitchen Suite is providing even more options to meet the varying preferences of today's at-home chefs," said Jack Palazzolo, head of marketing for Signature Kitchen Suite. "All of our appliances have been built from the ground up to incorporate precise and advanced features that help step-up any culinary endeavor." 30-INCH COMBINATION WALL OVEN WITH SPEED COOK AND STEAM-COMBI Signature Kitchen Suite has paired its flexible steam-combi convection oven with the convenience of a speed oven, bringing the ultimate in cooking up to eye level. This advanced oven combines convection, steam-combi and steam sous vide complemented by Speed Cook technology for even more functionality. The Speed Cook feature is speedy like a microwave oven while delivering the quality results of a convection oven without requiring any preheating. In addition to the many advantages of steam, the steam-combi convection oven is engineered to offer the benefits of sous vide cooking with the large capacity of an oven. With multiple cooking modes, this is the ultimate tool to help forward-thinking Technicurean™ home chefs achieve professional- level results. Flush installation ensures impeccable design lines so the wall oven looks as good as it performs. 36-INCH PRO RANGE WITH BUILT-IN SOUS VIDE, INDUCTION AND GAS At Virtual 2021 KBIS, Signature Kitchen Suite announced the availability of its 36-inch dual fuel pro range with sous vide. This builds on the success of the brand's flagship 48-inch model with sous vide, induction and gas burners – and packs all these modalities in a smaller footprint. It is complemented by a 36-inch hood that is engineered to be installed without the need for a separate and oftentimes costly make-up air system, as the range stays under 39,000 BTUs, making this ideal for installations in urban homes or luxury high-rise buildings. Complete with sous vide, induction and two gas burners on the same cooktop, this range is designed to help home chefs achieve professional-level results. The spacious 6.3 I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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