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Chamber Staff Shane Etzwiler, President/CEO Kali Tuckerman, Membership Development Director Teresa Appelwick, Director of Operations Taylor Etzwiler, Executive Administrator Officers Scott Reasoner – Chair Great Falls Voyagers Holly Kopeikin – 1st Vice Chair KRTV Scott Anderson – 2nd Vice Chair First Interstate Bank Wade DeBoo – Treasurer TD&H Engineering Vicki Newmiller – Past Chair Great Falls Clinic Board of Directors Al Volk – Pepsi of Great Falls Bill Sterling – Sterling Embroidery & Screen Printing Chelle Fried – Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Jason Madill – Madill Enterprises Len Watkins – Gusto Distributing Lynda Morin – D A Davidson Companies Mark Cappis – Cappis Consulting & Tax Max Grebe – LPW Architecture Melissa Dascoulias – Dascoulias Realty Group Randy Williams – Stockman Bank Tracy McIntyre – Montana Cooperative Development Center Ex-Officio Colonel Anita Feugate Opperman – Malmstrom Air Force Base Joe Briggs – Cascade County Commissioner John Faulkner – Great Falls International Airport Authority Owen Robinson – City of Great Falls Dr. Susan Wolff – Great Falls College MSU Tom Moore – Great Falls Public Schools Greetings from the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce! "Don't carry your past with you, you aren't headed that way!" This paraphrases an idea of which I was recently reminded. The quote is appropriate as we leave 2020 behind us! I think we can look back to see what worked and what didn't, how we can learn from it, and then move forward in a more productive and successful manner. Do not carry all the craziness of 2020 with us as we move forward. What has been said and done, the mistakes, and the final results of the past don't need to be carried, packed, or dwelled upon. At the Chamber, we are optimistically looking forward to the future and what it brings for all of us in our community! We anticipate it being another year of change and adaptation, but we are remaining positive that we will continue to grow and achieve even more in 2021. As we are looking forward with a positive mindset, there are a couple of guiding principles to keep in mind: we need to start with a mindset of success and prosperity! 1. We must know that we will be successful even though times might be tough and have change. 2. We must know that we will be prosperous even though we might not know what it looks like, especially in times of uncertainty. Why must we have this mind set? Because even though we don't know what is ahead of us, what will change, or what the future will bring, having a mindset of success and prosperity causes you to focus on opportunity. When businesses focus on the uncertainty, they tend to freeze and not act. With a mindset of success and prosperity, a business focuses on what they can do, and they begin to see things as an opportunity to move forward in a new, different, and better way. In the end, they have achieved success because they began with the mindset of success. Choose today to have a mindset of success and prosperity this year, and I know we will it achieve it together! Here's to 2021 and the great things that will be done! Sincerely, Shane Etzwiler, President/CEO 3 Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

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