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10,529 DID YOU KNOW? T O T A L E N R O L L M E N T ( E L E M E N T A R Y T H R O U G H H I G H S C H O O L ) I N G R E A T F A L L S E L E M E N TA RY P U B L I C S C H O O L S M I D D L E & H I G H P U B L I C S C H O O L S P R I VAT E S C H O O L S C O L L E G E S & U N I V E R S I T I E S S P E C I A LT Y S C H O O L S 15 4 7 4 3 F O R S T U D E N T S O F G R E A T F A L L S P U B L I C S C H O O L S L I C E N S E D C H I L D C A R E F A C I L I T I E S I N G R E A T F A L L S 10 SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CLINICS 70 OPERATIONAL LEVIES KEEP OUR SCHOOLS FULLY FUNDED. IN 2020, THE COMMUNITY OF GREAT FALLS PASSED A $1.75 MILLION OPERATIONAL LEVY SHOWING SUPPORT FOR OUR SCHOOLS! evies play an important role in funding Montana's K-12 public education. The State of Montana guarantees that each school maintain a BASE Budget which is 80% of a maximum budget. The annual budget is based on a complex formula that includes the number of students as the main factor. The remaining 20% of the budget is determined by the local community in the form of a General Fund Budget Operational levy. The school board determines the request for a levy and the amount. There are strict limits on the amount that can requested. When a levy is passed, the amount is added to the existing budget to help fund the overall school operations. Approximately 84% of the budget for the school is salaries and benefits for the staff. Health insurance costs have continued to rise at a high rate annually. When a levy fails, the school district must make difficult decisions in order to maintain a balanced budget. With approximately 84% of the budget tied up in staffing, it means a reduction in the teachers and people who operate our schools. Continued reductions over a period of time are a detriment to our students, faculty, and community. Facility upgrades and new buildings are funded by bonds and the Building Reserve Fund. The $98.8 million bond, successfully passed in 2016, has funded the additions at CMR and Great Falls High Schools as well as the two new elementary schools, Giant Springs and Longfellow. Since 2017, nearly $4 million in donations have enhanced various areas in the district, from fitness and STEM, to windows, the Great Falls High School Auditorium upgrade, and trees. • Longfellow Elementary: $15,759,017 • Giant Springs Elementary: $14,417,355 • Great Falls High School: $37,964,938 • Career and Technical Education, Hub • CMR High School: $9,485,177 • STEM Center, Auxiliary Gym Bonds are for Buildings; Levies are for Learning. 44 Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce E D U C AT I O N L Photo by Photo Solutions Photo by Photo Solutions

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